The Voice UK coaches slammed after not turning for Laura Sidney’s amazing audition


Laura Sidney belted out a musical theatre classic for her blind audition on The Voice UK.

Series 10 welcomes Sir Tom Jones, and Olly Murs back to the spinning red chairs with new coach Anne-Marie.

This weekend saw the auditions return for the fourth week.

One contestant singing for a place in the battles was 25-year-old Laura Sidney from Wales who belted out With One Look from the musical Sunset Boulevard.

Watch Laura Sidney’s audition on The Voice UK 2021 below…

Before her performance, Laura had told cameras: “I’m feeling quite nervous today for my audition. I’ve got to take a breath because every time I think about it I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, it’s happening’.”

Confessing she was “terrified” before heading out on stage, Laura added: “This is the most important performance of my life so far.”

Despite a standout performance, Laura didn’t get any turns from the coaches and viewers weren’t happy.

One wrote: “This is why I hate #thevoiceuk The girl was brilliant and no one turned”

“Okay but WHY didn’t any of the judges turn for Laura?!?! #thevoiceuk” added a second.

Another reacted: “Best singer in this episode so far and no one turned… #thevoiceuk” while a fourth fan ranted: “Seriously mentors?????!!!!! With a voice like that ???? Have you forgotten the name of the show ?”

And a fifth added: “That is disgraceful, that lady had possibly the best voice ever on this show, no one turned FFS! #thevoiceuk”

Sir Tom said on the show: “I was in two minds to be honest with you because she sang so well and I liked the tone of her voice… but I wouldn’t know what to do. She had a beautiful voice though.

Will added: “Having had a musical theatre singer in the past, it’s hard to switch lanes.”

Olly comented: “Those are the auditions I just wish we could turn and say hello, that was pretty epic.”

Laura confessed after her performance: “I just feel devastated at this point because I gave it my all. It just wasn’t meant to be today.”

Other acts on The Voice UK this weekend included youth worker Abilio ‘Abz’ Joao from London, who goes by the stage name BrokenPen and 16-year-old student Leah Cobb from Newcastle.

The Voice 2021 continues Saturday evenings on ITV.

You can stream episodes of The Voice 2021 online via the ITV Hub.

Contestants who make it past the first round will go on to compete in the battles later in the series.

Picture: ITV

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