The Voice UK 2018 voting stats! Voting figures and percentages revealed

The Voice 2018 voting percentages, figures and stats!

ITV has revealed The Voice UK 2018 voting stats, figures and percentages from this year’s show.


It’s the second year we’ve had the stats available with the BBC refusing to release voting figures when the show was on BBC One.

Saturday night’s final saw Ruti Olajugbagbe beat Donel Mangena to win the series after duo Belle Voci and Lauren Bannon finished in third and fourth place respectively.

The voting stats make for interesting reading, with favourite to win Donel leading the way comfortably in the semi-final.

Donel also had the lead over Ruti in the first half of the final – but only just – with less than 0.2% splitting the pair.

When it came down to the final vote between Donel and Ruti, Ruti triumphed with 58%.

The Voice 2018 voting figures and percentages

The Semi-Final
Donel 27.25%
Ruti 22.91%
Belle Voci 14.95%
Lauren 11.65%


Jamie 8.79%
Gayatri 6.67%
Lucy 5.27%
Tai 2.49%

Donel, Ruti, Belle Voci and Lauren went into the final.

The Final – 1st Vote
Donel 29.58%
Ruti 29.41%
Belle Voci 24.27%
Lauren 16.73%

Donel and Ruti went into the final two.

The Final – 2nd Vote
Ruti 58.34%
Donel 41.66%

Ruti was crowned the Winner of The Voice UK 2018.

Following her victory, Ruti said: “I wasn’t expecting this… I didn’t expect to get to the blind audition, I don’t know what to say!”

The student praised her mentor Sir Tom Jones, saying he had “always believed in me, since the blind auditions”.

“He’s always been there for me and told me to be myself. It’s amazing that he thinks I’m that good,” she added.


Sir Tom raved that Ruti was a “wonderful, magical, sincere” singer after turning for her in the blind auditions.

The Voice UK will return to ITV in 2019.

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