The Voice 2019 RECAP! All of the blind auditions from week two

The Voice 2019 auditions

The Voice UK 2019 hit our screens again tonight for the second round of blind auditions on ITV.


Global music legends, Jennifer Hudson, Sir Tom Jones and newbie Olly Murs are this year’s coaches and on a quest to uncover the best vocal talent that Britain has to offer.

As always, the first stage is the blind auditions where the contestants must hold their nerve as they sing to the backs of the coaches.

After week one, Team Tom and Team Jennifer had two acts apiece while Team Olly and Team Will each had one act, leaving plenty of spaces to fill up on all four teams.

If the coaches like what they hear, they hit their buzzer to spin around and select that artist for their teams of ten. If more than one spins then it’s up the act to pick which team to join.

However if all the coaches fail to turn for an act they lose their right to see them – leaving them forever wondering if they should have hit their buttons.

Here’s how the second round of blind auditions went down tonight…


Bukky Oronti

16-year-old Bukky Oronti from London belted out Say Something by A Great Big World at her blind audition. The performance won spins from both and Jennifer turn with Bukky choosing to join Team JHud.


Dean Mac

27-year-old Dean Mac from Manchester definitely got the coaches hot under the collar as he performed Pony by Ginuwine. Although there was plenty of dancing, there was no button pushing from the four piece as Dean left without a place in the next round.


Connie Lamb

17-year-old Connie Lamb from Suffolk impressed with her cover of Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. Both Olly and Sir Tom turned for the student, with Connie choosing to join Team Olly



Cedric Neal

43-year-old musical theatre performer Cedric Neal from Brighton gave an incredible performance of ‘Higher Ground’ by Stevie Wonder. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Cedric got all four coaches turning around for him and chose to join Team Tom


Chris Daly

35-year-old Chris Daly from Essex performed Lucky Man by The Verve for the blind auditions. He sadly got no turns from the coaches.



The Flat Pack

The Flat Pack are a trio consisting of Duncan (43), Nathan (36) and Jamie (39) from Brighton. They performed Luck Be A Lady by Frank Sinatra to get Olly turning around, securing a spot on his team in the next round.


Grace Latchford

17-year-old Grace Latchford from Coventry took a risk as she performed a self-penned original song called Love Says. Grace became the first ever contestant to get a spin with an original track, as Sir Tom Jones hit his buzzer for the youngster.


Emmanuel Smith

29-year-old Emmanuel Smith from London gave a powerful performance for Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. All four coaches turned and Emmanuel chose to join Team Will.



The Voice UK 2019 airs Saturday nights on ITV.

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