The Victim cast, episodes and spoilers from new BBC One series

The Victim 2019 cast, number of episodes - plus how to stream and watch online

The Victim is a brand new drama airing this week on BBC One – who’s on the cast and what’s it all about?


A four part series, The Victim is a thriller told through the eyes of the plaintiff and the accused.

Kelly Macdonald plays Anna Dean, whose son was murdered 15 years ago. She is accused of revealing his killer’s new identity online and conspiring to have them murdered.

Seemingly hard-working family man Craig Myers is viciously attacked after being identified online as a notorious child murderer. Should Craig keep his head down or try to prove his innocence? Is he a convicted murderer, or simply the tragic victim of mistaken identity?

Across four episodes, The Victim follows the progress of a trial in Edinburgh’s High Court, covering the events leading up to the legal proceedings. Craig and Anna are pitted against each other, but our sympathies will be divided. New potential suspects will be revealed and long buried secrets unearthed as the story builds to a final, devastating climax.

The Victim aired nightly this week at 9PM on BBC One between Monday, April 8 and Thursday, April 11.

You can catch up and watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer.

Alternatively, you can pre-order the series on DVD and Blu-Ray from Amazon here.

The Victim cast

Anna Dean (Kelly Macdonald)

Craig Myers (James Harkness)

D.I. Steven Grover (John Hannah, pictured)

Louise Dean (Isis Hainsworth)

Danny Callaghan (Andrew Rothney)

Lenny Dean (Jamie Sives)

Rebecca Myers (Karla Crome)

Tom Carpenter (John Scougall)

Ella Mackie (Chloe Pirrie)

Solomon Mishra (Ramon Tikaram)

Christian Graham (Cal MacAninch)

Mo Buckley (Pooky Quesnel)

William Napier (Nicholas Nunn)


The Victim SPOILERS!

Episode 1 – Monday, April 8
Fifteen years after her son’s murder, Anna Dean arrives at Edinburgh High Court for the start of a major court case – but who is on trial?

Six months previously, on Halloween, Craig Myers is viciously attacked and discovers he has been accused online of being the notorious child murderer Eddie J. Turner. The investigation into the online post and the subsequent attack uncovers evidence that D.I. Grover believes incriminates Anna – but senior officers seem intent on blocking his enquiries.

Meanwhile the first day of court proceedings brings Craig and Anna face to face and raises the question – is Craig really Eddie, or is this a case of mistaken identity?

Episode 2 – Tuesday, April 9
In court, it is the day that Anna has been waiting for, when the man she believes killed her son takes the stand and has to face the world. Back in the past, living under the suspicion that he is a child killer is taking its toll on Craig and he fears for his daughter’s safety, while cracks widen in his relationship with his wife Rebecca.

Meanwhile Anna is determined to prove that D.I. Grover is wrong and that Craig is Eddie J. Turner. Craig’s appearance in the witness box brings revelations about his past, but will it provide Anna with the closure she desperately needs?


Episode 3 – Tuesday, April 10
It is Anna’s turn to give evidence, but will she be able to control her anger towards Craig on the stand and convince the jury of her innocence? With his life imploding, an isolated Craig hits a new low as the trial draws near.

Episode 4 – Tuesday, April 10
In the final episode, Anna and Craig come face to face as he admits he is indeed Eddie. In emotional scenes, he opens up about the death of her son.