The Unofficial Science Of… to explore Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones

For more than four decades, Die Hard and Indiana Jones have enthralled audiences with their breathtaking action sequences and pulse-pounding adventures.

But have you ever wondered if you could survive some of the iconic stunts from these films? The Unofficial Science Of… is back on Sky Max with two exciting new specials: The Unofficial Science of Die Hard and The Unofficial Science of Indiana Jones.

This Christmas, Chris Ramsey and Paul Chowdhry, accompanied by engineer Zoe Laughlin, will scientifically analyse the stunts from the beloved Christmas action classic, Die Hard. From daring rooftop escapes to navigating shards of shattered glass, Chris and Paul will rigorously test these stunts to uncover the real-life techniques required to conquer them. Along the way, they’ll embark on a quest to settle the age-old debate: is Die Hard truly a Christmas movie?

In the upcoming spring season, Greg James and Maisie Adam will team up to take on the beloved family favourite, Indiana Jones. Join this dynamic duo as they learn the secrets to avoiding deadly poisonous darts, outwitting colossal boulders, and surviving blazing fireballs.

While both pairs delve into the heart-pounding stunts of these films, Alex Brooker will return to explore the film sets and engage with iconic cast members, hearing their cherished on-set memories.

Chris Ramsey said: “As a die-hard Die Hard fan, I’m chuffed to be working on this amazing project! It’s honestly one of my favourite films of all time, and this is almost like I get to be in it a bit, which is incredible!

“Who wouldn’t want to have a go at some of the most iconic action sequences to ever exist? Don’t try this at home!”

Greg James said: “I spent most of my childhood completely obsessed with recreating special effects and stunts and as I’ve grown up, life got in the way of carrying this on. So, when Sky asked if I wanted to see how some of the most impressive and famous stunts in the history of cinema were made, I’ve never said “YES PLEASE” quicker. Maisie and I are going to have so much fun.”

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