The Traitors turned into an ‘Interactive Game Book’

The Traitors logo

Hit BBC One game show The Traitors is now available as an Interactive Game Book

On sale now here, the new tie-in to the TV series promises to unleash hours of mischief and fun.

Embark on an adventure set within a majestic castle amidst the Scottish Highlands. Your task is to discern whether your companions are Loyal or Betrayers. Consider whether to trust Jorge, a dentist with a remarkable memory and a habit of smiling at everyone, or Nina, a retired individual who seems to be the group’s leader yet possesses a sly twinkle in her eye.

In this game of deceit, trust is a scarce commodity.

> Play The Traitors at home with new board game

Discover the official guide to the BAFTA-winning sensation, The Traitors: The Interactive Game Book. Your decisions shape the narrative. Experience this exhilarating escapade solo or with friends, combining your insights to navigate the challenges.

Offering over 20 unique games to enjoy individually or in groups, each featuring clever Betrayers’ twists, this book is an ideal present, promising endless hours of mischief and entertainment.

You can get the The Traitors Interactive Game Book from Amazon here

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