Play The Traitors at home with new board game

You can now play hit BBC TV show The Traitors at home with the release of a new board game

The Traitors sees a group of contestants competing in the ultimate game of deception and you can play yourself with a brand new board game on sale here.

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A teaser for the boardgame, which is for 4 – 6 players, shares: “You’ve watched the show, now experience the The Traitors Official Board Game for yourself! Inspired by your favourite elements of the hit TV show, Faithfuls and Traitor alike must go on missions to earn gold for the prize fund.

“The Traitor will play to earn the right to murder at night, and all the Faithfuls must try and banish at the Round Table. The two players with the most gold will compete for the prize fund. Will they split the fund? Or try and take it for themselves?”

Meanwhile a brand new series of The Traitors arrives on BBC One soon.

Host Claudia Winkleman said: “I can’t wait to go back to the castle to watch people play the greatest game on television. I’m knitting a high funnel sweater immediately.”

Once again the show will feature a group of contestants living together in a luxury Scottish castle, completing tasks to add money to the prize fund.

Concealed among the group are The Traitors, participants tasked with eliminating the loyal players and reaching the conclusion without being discovered.

Those left at the end will get the chance to play for the prize money which for the first series totalled more than £80,000.

Should all the Traitors be successfully identified and voted off, the remaining Faithfuls will split the prize money. However, if an undetected Traitor manages to reach the end, they will abscond with the entire sum.

Past episodes are available to watch online now via BBC iPlayer here.

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