The Traitors: New psychological reality competition coming to BBC One – apply now!


BBC One has announced new psychological reality competition series The Traitors.

Based on the Dutch format of the same name, the series will be shot on location in the Scottish Highlands.

The BBC share: “A team of players will compete in a series of missions, the more missions they win, the bigger the prize pot.

“However, amongst the players lie the ‘Traitors’. The Traitors will meet in secret and decide who to eliminate from their fellow players known as a ‘Faithful’. The aim of the Traitors is to stay undetected until the end of the game.

“Whilst trying to avoid being eliminated, the Faithfuls must figure out who is a Traitor and vote them out so they can take the prize money for themselves. If a Traitor makes it to the end, they are in with a chance of taking home the cash prize. Throughout the season, there will be twists, turns and surprises for the players.”

If you think you have what it takes to play, applications to take part in the series are open now to those aged 18 or over. You can apply online via the BBC website here. The closing date is 08 April 2022.

Kate Phillips, Director of Entertainment, BBC Commissioning, said: “The Traitors is a high stakes entertainment series full of false promises and paranoia.

“Set against the stunning Scottish landscape, I can’t wait for these very different Highland Games to begin where the biggest rule of all is trust no one!”

A UK series will be filmed alongside a US show which will stream on Peacock in the States.

Studio Lambert of production company Stephen Lambert said: “We are hugely excited to be making two versions of a show with spectacular challenges and mind games involving suspicion and trust.

“The Scottish Highlands offers some of the most stunning scenery in the world and we’re delighted both NBCU and the BBC agreed this was where we should bring our American and British contestants to play the game.”

Filming for both series will commence in 2022.

A release date is to be confirmed.

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