The Repair Shop tonight – stone bird bath, harmonium, teddy bear


The Repair Shop is back on BBC One tonight with a repeat episode as more guests make a visit to the barn.

This evening (Wednesday, 8 November) sees the return of episode 9 from series eight which first aired in March 2021.

The team, led by Jay Blades, is on a mission to revive four cherished family heirlooms, along with their storied pasts.

Kirsten Ramsay is met with a formidable challenge when Jayne Marston entrusts her with a hefty, stone bird bath, a family relic for over six decades. The bird bath, a beacon of comfort for Jayne’s mother during her illness, now bears a significant crack that puts its integrity at risk.

Jayne, having recently lost both parents, is determined to fulfil her mother’s wish to maintain this sanctuary for the birds, a symbol of her enduring presence.

In a different vein, David Burville tackles a musical enigma: restoring the harmonium that fuelled Abbas Qureshi’s passion for music since his childhood in Pakistan. This instrument, despite its wear and having journeyed with Abbas to England, retains a unique connection with his voice that no other harmonium has matched. It’s now in David’s hands to restore this harmonium so it can once again accompany Abbas’s performances.

Harry Dymond and his daughter Kathryn present a historical artifact: a sailor’s logbook, recording the service of Harry’s grandfather, ‘Titanic Frank’, on the infamous ship. Despite the loss of the original in the maritime disaster, this logbook is a living chronicle of Frank’s nautical life post-Titanic.

Christopher Shaw, the book-binding expert, takes on the task of preserving this piece of history for the Dymond family to cherish.

Lastly, the bear restoration duo, Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch, are tasked with rejuvenating an old teddy bear from the 1950s, a comfort to Maria Naylor since her family’s escape from Hungary. Teddy, a gift during a time of flight and a constant companion through a journey to a new life in Manchester, is in need of care to restore its warmth and solace following the loss of Maria’s sister.

The Repair Shop airs tonight at 8PM on BBC One. You can also watch online via BBC iPlayer.

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