The Repair Shop tonight – record turntable, coronation chair, toy clown


The Repair Shop is back on BBC One tonight with a repeat episode as more guests head to the barn.

This evening (Wednesday, 29 November) sees the return of episode 12 from series eight which first aired in January 2022.

Jay Blades and his team set out to restore four cherished family heirlooms, each with its own unique history and emotional value.

Jay Blades. Picture: BBC/Ricochet Ltd
Jay Blades. Picture: BBC/Ricochet Ltd

Pablo Henderson from London brings in his late father’s broken record turntable, a relic from his father’s love for music after arriving in the UK from Jamaica in the 1960s. This turntable was a centrepiece at neighbourhood parties, playing reggae music.

Electronics expert Mark Stuckey works to repair the turntable, while Will Kirk designs a stunning plinth for its display.

The team also takes on a special project for Andy Matthews and his daughter Anna – a stately chair made for King George VI’s coronation ceremony, which Andy’s grandfather received for his services as an usher. Age has worn the chair’s wooden frame and velvet fabric. Will Kirk and upholsterer Sonnaz Nooranvary collaborate to restore this family heirloom to its former glory.

Wendy Bray seeks help for a different kind of restoration. She hopes to revive her late mother’s leather writing case, a cherished item from her time as a code breaker at Bletchley Park during World War II.

Wendy plans to pass this now-worn case down to her daughter and granddaughter. Leather expert Susie Fletcher steps in to ensure its preservation.

Lastly, Cathy Downie entrusts the team with a mechanical toy clown, a fond memory from her childhood given by her Uncle Jimmy. Despite being broken for many years, the clown holds sentimental value for Cathy. Expert Steve Fletcher applies his skills to bring this beloved toy back to life, ensuring it continues to hold a special place in Cathy’s heart.

The Repair Shop airs tonight at 8PM on BBC One. You can also watch online via BBC iPlayer.

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