The Repair Shop tonight – dog toy, vintage kitchen mixer, belt buckle

The Repair Shop is back on BBC One tonight with a repeat episode as more guests make a visit to the barn.

This evening (Wednesday, 1 November) sees the return of episode 2 from series seven which first aired in March 2021.

Jay Blades, alongside his dedicated team, embark on a heart-warming journey to restore three cherished family heirlooms, reigniting the memories they encapsulate.

Jay Blades. Picture: BBC/Ricochet Ltd
Jay Blades. Picture: BBC/Ricochet Ltd

Toy restoration experts Amanda and Julie face the intricate task of mending a beloved dog toy, tragically scarred from a severe house fire. For owner Jody, this toy has been a lifelong companion. Witnessing her home consumed by fire, her thoughts were immediately with her cherished toy. Jody now hopes to have it rejuvenated for her young son, Noah, as a symbol of resilience and memory.

The combined skills of metal maestro Dominic Chinea and the ingenious Mark Stuckey are put to the test as they aim to breathe new life into a vintage kitchen mixer. Once the centrepiece of a kitchen and owned by the dearly remembered pastry chef, Ada, the mixer now lies tarnished by time.

With Ada’s daughter Becky and daughter-in-law Alison eager to see it restored in her memory, the duo’s splendid handiwork provides a sweet, sentimental surprise upon the ladies’ return.

Lastly, the talented silversmith Brenton dedicates his craft to the restoration of a symbolic nurse’s belt buckle. Gifted to Trevor’s mother Rosemary by her father in the 1950s, she wore it proudly throughout her nursing journey with the NHS.

Following her unfortunate passing shortly after her retirement, Trevor envisions the heirloom continuing its legacy with his daughter Olivia, who aspires to step into her grandmother’s nursing shoes.

The Repair Shop airs tonight at 8:15PM on BBC One. You can also watch online via BBC iPlayer.

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