The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! Kady’s awkward double date

TOWIE spoilers

The Only Way Is Essex is back on ITVBe tonight and here’s what to expect.

After a turbulent few weeks juggling his new relationship with Kady and scorned ex Courtney, Myles suggests a double date with Dan and Amber.

Unenthused by the idea, Amber voices her concerns about the idea to Courtney, before reluctantly attending. But when she and Kady come face to face, will she be able to bite her tongue?

Chloe M opens up about her low self esteem as she tearfully confesses to her mum that she’s considering surgery.

Meanwhile Gemma’s good friend Jonathan Cheban pays a long overdue visit to Essex, and the GC wastes no time in introducing him to the sights and personalities around town. After a whistlestop tour round Brentwood, Gemma introduces Jonathan to Bobby at the pie and mash shop, with Bobby Norris.

“Gemsy, how you doing babes? I’m Bobby, lovely to meet you,” he introduces himself to Gemma’s American pal.

“Nice to meet you. I’m so sorry about my dinner date because she’s already ate before you got here,” he quips before Gemma asks Jonathan: “Does Bobby remind you of anyone?”

“People tell me I look like Kris Jenner,” reveals Bobby to a perplexed Jonathan.

Before leaving, Gemma makes a video call to Arg with Jonathan.

Elsewhere, Clelia challenges Pete for his behaviour towards Shelby, and when Pete later seeks to make amends Shelby quickly becomes emotional. Saffron remains unconvinced by Shelby and pledges to speak to her about her distance behaviour.

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex on Sunday 14th October at 9pm on ITVBe.