The Only Way Is Essex spoilers: Drama as latest series comes to an explosive end

TOWIE spoilers

Here’s a spoiler-filled preview of tonight’s The Only Way Is Essex series’ finale.

There are kisses and rows as passion and anger mix for the last episode of the current season on ITVBe this evening.

Another eventful series comes to an explosive end as Amber and Dan’s relationship hangs in the balance, Lauren and Sam share a passionate embrace, Chloe S makes her feelings known on the girls’ bickering, and Courtney and Kady speak for the first time since their dramatic confrontation.

Amber and Chloe M meet to dissect the argument with Kady, while Dan muses over how the dispute has affected his friendship with Myles and his relationship with Amber.

Turning to his mum for advice, are the Essex power couple on rocky ground? When they finally speak at Pete’s birthday party, Amber breaks down in tears – but can they put their troubles behind them?

Courtney approaches Myles and Kady intent on clearing the air, but will the conversation go as planned or is this only the beginning of their feud?

Lauren and Sam enjoy a successful date, which Lauren is quick to relay details of back to the girls. The pair reflect on how things are progressing between them at the party, and share another kiss.

Chloe brings sister Demi to Pete’s party, where she announces she’s single and ready to mingle.

The drama concludes on The Only Way Is Essex on Sunday 11th November at 9pm on ITVBe.