The Million Pound Cube first look as celebrities play for £1 million

Here’s a very first look at The Million Pound Cube as two pairs of celebrities face the brand new challenge.

Hosted by Philip Schofield, The Cube originally ran for nine series between 2009 and 2015.

Contestants played to win up to £250,000 by completing a series of challenges involving both physical and mental skills while confined to a perspex cube.

Now a reboot is on the way with a slight name change to reflect a new top prize of a whopping £1 million.

The show will start with a Celebrity special on Saturday, October 17 at 9PM on ITV, featuring Jason Manford and his brother Stephen and Mo Gilligan and his friend David Ajao.

You can watch a first look at the opening episode above as Mo Gilligan plays ‘Contain’.

After Saturday’s episode, The series continues on Monday 19 October at 9PM as members of the public attempt to take on the mighty Cube in the hope of winning one million pounds.

The final episode which airs at 9PM on Saturday 24 October features presenter Stacey Dooley and dancer Kevin Clifton.

In each episode, pairs will have nine lives to complete seven games, each worth an increasing amount of money, as they move closer to the huge jackpot.

Players will have to overcome extreme nerves and frustration as they take on deceivingly simple tasks such as throwing a ball into a container, balancing on a beam or stopping a clock at precisely 10 seconds.

But will they have what it takes to beat the mighty Cube?

Phillip Schofield returns to host.

He said: “The beauty of The Cube is that you could have someone bouncing a ball into a bucket for £20,000 or you’re bouncing a ball into a bucket for £100,000. It was built from people sitting in an office rolling up a piece of paper and then quietly in your head thinking “I’m going to get this into the waste paper basket and if I do I win £10,000.’ We’ve all done that.

“It’s built on those sorts of games. But when it’s real money and the drop, because you have to be very brave to go for the million-pound jackpot, because it’s £250,000 then the million pounds, so it’s a massive drop if you don’t get it right. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone has the guts to go for it.”