The Masked Singer: Westlife’s Mark Feehily spills all about life as Robobunny

Westlife legend Mark Feehily has spilled all on his time on The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer UK series 3 concluded on Saturday evening on ITV.

The show sees famous faces fight to put on the best musical performance as their real identities are kept hidden behind extraordinary masks.

Joel Dommett presents with a panel of Davina McCall, Mo Gilligan, Jonathan Ross and Rita Ora who try to guess who are under the costumes.

In the grand final, Robobunny finished in third place and was unmasked to be Westlife star Mark Feehily, as guessed by Rita.

Speaking about the show after being unmasked, Mark shared: “I was craving to do something different, outside of my comfort zone vocally, I really wanted to add comedy to my character so when it was agreed I would be allowed to do the two-voice thing I signed up..

“I remember seeing Viking and loving his voice, also Queen Bee and Sausage all grabbed my attention. I love the fact that it is just all fun, the pretentiousness is taken out by the costumes but also there’s still space for a great vocal as well.”

Discussing his outrageous Robobunny outfit, the boy band icon revealed: “I had a very difficult costume. It literally had to be operated with me having to move the rabbit’s mouth using a mechanism in my right hand as I sang and did the voice changing all whilst singing songs I had never sung before and bolted into an extremely heavy wooden robot suit…

“It was definitely the most difficult and multi-faceted of performances I’ve ever done. I wanted to set myself a huge challenge and by the end of it I did think, ‘What the hell have I let myself in for here?!’ But in the end the pay off is when you sit back and watch it all playing out on TV and the fun and entertainment it brings.

“I was very proud watching it back and my daughter was freaking out because she recognised my voice and was looking at the Robobunny and was just confused!”

And Mark candidly confessed: “Being hidden inside the costume gave me a chance to forget about what I look like for the first time in my career – I have always struggled with self-esteem and self-image and thankfully more recently have stopped caring as much.

“But it was a huge relief to be able to cast off all the rules and just let my voice fly in a different direction and mostly have fun.

“Westlife songs are so sincere, which is lovely, but I have a wild side to my voice, a side to it that doesn’t want to be harnessed, so it was lovely to be able to just go mad with the bunny.”

More masked singers on the series this year were Rockhopper, Traffic Cone, Doughnuts, Firework, Mushroom, Poodle, Panda, Snow Leopard, Chandelier, Lionfish and Bagpipes.

You can watch and catch up via the ITV Hub.