The Man With 1000 Kids comes to Netflix – watch trailer

The Man With 1000 Kids trailer image

A new documentary series, The Man With 1000 Kids, is set to premiere on Netflix on 3rd July.

The official trailer has just dropped, giving us a first look at the intriguing tale of Jonathan Meijer, a Dutch scammer who allegedly tricked women around the globe into having his children.

This three-part series dives deep into the dark side of the fertility industry, revealing how the lack of international regulations enables unscrupulous practices.

Jonathan, a charismatic YouTuber, allegedly exploited these loopholes, leading to his astonishing claim of fathering 1000 children.

With exclusive interviews from parents affected by his deceit, the series explores their fight for justice and their mission to change the laws to prevent such scams in the future.

Each episode runs for 60 minutes, promising a comprehensive look into the complexities of this shocking story.

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