The Madame Blanc Mysteries (Series 3, Episode 6)

shot of Sally Lindsay & Steve Edge sat on bench filming The Madame Blanc Mysteries

The Madame Blanc Mysteries finishes its third season this week with its latest episode titled Windows.

La Couronne, 1995. A tense card game unfolds late into the night on a terrace, where Patrick faces off against Sonny Montario, a notorious gangster.

The game intensifies, leading Patrick to fold. As the game narrows down to Sonny and the enigmatic Gabriella, she wagers a mysterious old paper that suggests a fortune for the village.

Sonny’s excitement turns to fury when the paper reveals only a poem, prompting him to assault Gabriella, causing her to fall and injure herself. He flees, threatening Patrick with future vengeance.

Decades later, Patrick shares with Jean and Dom that he identified Sonny in a lineup, leading to Sonny’s 30-year imprisonment. With Sonny’s release imminent, Patrick fears his return to Sainte Victoire.

Meanwhile, Dom’s health concerns are overshadowed by Jean’s deep dive into a new mystery, despite his attempts to reach out to her. Jean’s investigation takes a personal turn, uncovering startling links to her own history.

Despite Dom’s health issues and the looming threat of Sonny’s return, Jean and Dom continue their quest for treasure. Sonny’s reappearance brings urgent questions to the forefront.

Jean must solve the mystery and protect Patrick from Sonny’s retaliation. Will Jean decipher the clues in time to thwart Sonny’s revenge?

The Madame Blanc Mysteries airs on Channel 5 on Thursday, 8 February 2024 at 9:00PM.

The episode is the sixth and final episode from the show’s third series.