The Long Shadow start date, cast and all about new ITV drama

ITV has revealed the cast for the upcoming true crime drama The Long Shadow.

Spanning 7 gripping episodes, The Long Shadow presents an immersive portrayal of the relentless five-year pursuit of serial killer Peter Sutcliffe.

The series adeptly centres on the lives of the unfortunate victims who encountered Sutcliffe’s path, as well as the dedicated officers who spearheaded the police investigation. Illuminating the narrative from the victims’ families and survivors’ perspectives, The Long Shadow reinterprets a widely documented story, bringing forth fresh insights and revelations.

DANIEL MAYS as Sydney Jackson.
Pictured: DANIEL MAYS as Sydney Jackson.

Rooted in meticulous research, the series draws extensively from a wealth of investigative archives, including a trove of case files, interview transcripts and police reports. Additionally, it takes inspiration from Michael Bilton’s acclaimed book “Wicked Beyond Belief,” a comprehensive account of the case published by William Collins.

Toby Jones, assumes the role of DCS Dennis Hoban, the initial lead of the inquiry, while David Morrissey takes on the iconic portrayal of DCS George Oldfield, the investigator who famously shouldered the case.

Accompanying them are Lee Ingleby as DCS Jim Hobson, Katherine Kelly as Emily Jackson, Daniel Mays as Sydney Jackson, Shaun Thomas as Neil Jackson, Jill Halfpenny as Doreen Hill,and Daisy Waterstone as Jacqueline Hill. Furthermore, Jasmine Lee-Jones, Molly Wright, Liz White and Shaun Dooley join the cast.

The Long Shadow starts on ITV1 and ITVX on 26 September.

For now you can watch a first trailer below…

This powerful drama delves into the far-reaching impact of a single heinous act, casting an enduring shadow across an entire society. The case plunged not only the victims into darkness but also the friends, family and officers haunted by guilt and remorse. The story resonates with the lingering trauma of those who survived, a burden carried for decades, akin to a life sentence of their own.

In a poignant reflection of the present, The Long Shadow echoes themes of accountability, examining societal foundations that perpetuate misogyny, racism and violence against women. By juxtaposing these historic tragedies with more recent events, the series serves as a thought-provoking commentary on the past and present, compelling audiences to confront the complex challenges of our shared human experience.

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