The Ipcress File 2022 cast revealed for new ITV drama

Meet the The Ipcress File cast confirmed

The Ipcress File has arrived on ITV – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast.

The first in the Harry Palmer series, The Ipcress File has been adapted by Oscar nominated and BAFTA award winning writer John Hodge into a six-part television series, directed by Emmy award-winner James Watkins and produced by Altitude Television for ITV.

A teaser shares: “Harry Palmer is a British army sergeant on the make in Berlin. In this newly partitioned city, a sharp working-class young man with sophisticated tastes can make a lot of money. Wholesaler, retailer, fixer, smuggler, Harry’s varied interests bring him into contact with everything and everyone – until the law catches up with him and it all comes crashing to a halt.

“Harry finds himself sentenced to eight years in a grim military jail in England, all his prospects abruptly torn away. But his impressive network and efficiency have not gone unnoticed, and a gentleman from British intelligence has a proposal. To avoid prison, Harry Palmer will become a spy. And the case on which he cuts his teeth will be The Ipcress File.”

The Ipcress File 2022 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of The Ipcress File from its first episode:

Joe Cole plays Harry Palmer
Lucy Boynton plays Jean Courtney
Tom Hollander plays William Dalby
Ashley Thomas plays Paul Maddox
Joshua James plays Chico

Anastasia Hille plays Alice
David Dencik plays Colonel Stok
Paul Higgins plays Minister
Brian Ferguson plays Randall
Nora-Jane Noone plays Karen Newton

Matthew Steer plays Dawson
Tom Vaughan-Lawlor plays General Cathcart
Corey Johnson plays Skip Henderson
Irfan Shamji plays Carswell
Anna Geislerová plays Polina Lavotchkin

Paul Bazely plays Morris
Urs Rechn plays Housemartin
Marko Braic plays Murray
Tamla Kari plays Deborah

Mark Quartley plays Pete
Alexandra Moen plays Mrs Dalby
Ben Turner plays Adem

Watch The Ipcress File on TV and online

The Ipcress File currently airs weekly Sunday nights on ITV at 9PM. The series has six episodes.

Alternatively, the full series is available to watch online now ITV Hub here.

A teaser of the opening episode shares: “Berlin, 1963. Enterprising British corporal Harry Palmer gets rich smuggling stolen goods to the East until the handcuffs snap shut. Back in London, unorthodox spymaster Dalby is ordered to retrieve a missing nuclear physicist.

“Sharp observation by his cool, ambitious agent Jean reveals a link to the incarcerated Palmer. Released from prison in the national interest, and promising his wife he will finance a divorce, Harry is soon back in Berlin on a dangerous mission.

“Success – and survival – will depend on CIA agent Maddox who, like so many in this murky world, may not be what he seems.”

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