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New drama The Inheritance has arrived on Channel 5 – here’s all you need to know!

The Inheritance revolves around three siblings who are left reeling by an unexpected family tragedy. Upon discovering their exclusion from the will, they embark on a perilous quest to uncover the truth behind the death, pondering whether it was an unfortunate accident or a sinister murder.

The series delves into shattered secrets, fractured relationships, and lost lives as the siblings strive to reclaim their rightful inheritance and decipher the enigma surrounding them, prompting the age-old question: Is family loyalty unbreakable?

A group of people dressing in black sit at a funeral service.
The Inheritance: Susan (SAMANTHA BOND) has arrived at the cremation service

Making up the cast are Robert James-Collier, Gaynor Faye and Jemima Rooper as siblings Daniel, Sian and Chloe. Larry Lamb plays their Father, Dennis with Samantha Bond as Susan and Kevin Whately as Michael.

The cast also features Adil Ray, Moe Dunford, Kevin Harvey and Pauline McLynn.

Watch The Inheritance on TV and online

The Inheritance currently airs weekly on Monday nights at 9PM on Channel 5. The next episode is on 25 September. The series has four episodes.

You can watch online via My5.

In the debut episode, Sian, Daniel, and Chloe Watson are left in shock following their father Dennis’s sudden demise. To their astonishment, his will reveals that everything, including the family home, is bequeathed to a woman they’ve never encountered. This woman, who had a clandestine 14-year affair with their father and married him in secret, becomes the epicentre of suspicion.

As the siblings scrutinize their father’s life, they harbour growing doubts about Susan’s involvement in his death. Why was her existence concealed from them? Why was Dennis hiding signs of dementia?

Unsettling discoveries of hidden potent substances and chemicals around his house raise more questions. Moreover, the contradiction between his wish for cremation and his prearranged burial plot alongside their mother baffles them.

While the siblings attempt to piece together the puzzle, they remain oblivious to the fact that someone is surveilling them – Dennis’s family videos are being watched, and secrets are being monitored.

At the same time, they are unaware that they are each hiding their own secrets, capable of shattering their already fragile relationships. The tension escalates on the day of their father’s funeral, as Dennis’s cremation is about to take place. A sudden intrusion by the coroner unveils suspicions of foul play in his demise.

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