The Hit List applications: How to apply to be on the BBC One series

Be a contestant on The Hit List 2022

Here’s how to apply to be a contestant on BBC One’s The Hit List.

The Hit List is the highly addictive music quiz, where contestants must name as many hit songs and artists as they can as quickly as possible.

Presented by Rochelle and Marvin Humes, the show sees three couples competing each week for a chance to win up to £10,000, all they have to do is name the song and the artist.

The Hit List applications

Applications to be a contestant on The Hit List for its new series are open now.

The BBC say: “It’s simple to play because you’ve heard all the answers before, but can you name the artist and title of hit songs from the last six decades when you’re under pressure and there’s £10,000 to be won?

“If you’re confident you know your Billie Eilish from your Billy Ocean; your Stormzy from your Weather Girls and your Drake from your Eagles, then this is the quiz for you”

You must be 18 or over in order to apply with filming taking place in March 2022.

To submit yourself, fill out the form online here.

Online applications currently close on 27 February 2022.

How does The Hit List work?

Each week three pairs of contestants take part.

In the first round, Five of Five from Five, contestants will be given the opportunity to answer five quick fire music questions and name five artists/songs which have all been top five hits, from five different decades, from the 10s to the 00s, then 90s, 80s and 70s. Each track will be played for five seconds and players must give the name and artist of the track to score a point.

Round Two sees contestants having to buzz in to identify the title and artist of a song as an extract is played. The team with the fewest points at the end of the round is eliminated.

Round Three is all about the intros as the two remaining teams identify a range of song titles and artists by listening to the very beginning of the songs against the clock. The first team to run out of time will be sent home.

The last remaining team faces the final round where they can win up to £10,000. They must identify ten songs and artists – but after five seconds of each track is played, the money starts to drop.

The Hit List airs on Saturday nights on BBC One.

You can watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer.

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