The Great British Sewing Bee Celebrity Christmas Special 2023


The Great British Sewing Bee returns for 2023 with a festive twist in its Christmas special.

This year’s special promises to be a vibrant showcase of sewing prowess, featuring four celebrities under the watchful eyes of judges Esme Young and Patrick Grant.

Stepping into the role of host is Kiell Smith-Bynoe, a familiar face for fans of the Sewing Bee having previously appeared as a contestant.

Joining him are four well-known personalities, each bringing their unique flair and enthusiasm to the sewing table.

Who’s on the cast?

Toyah Willcox, a renowned actor, musician, and punk icon, is set to bring a touch of rebellious spirit and creativity. Kerry Godliman, an actor and comedian known for her wit and humour, is likely to add a light-hearted and fun element to the competition. Jessica Knappett, a comedian and writer, promises to infuse her sewing with her quirky comedic style. Completing the line-up is Hammed Animashaun, an actor whose versatility on stage and screen could translate into some interesting sewing techniques.

The Great British Sewing Bee Celebrity Christmas Special 2023 cast

The special’s format remains true to the essence of the show, combining the spirit of Christmas with the art of sewing. The celebrities will face a series of challenges, each designed to test their sewing skills and their ability to inject personality into their creations.

The first challenge revolves around crafting a unique Christmas stocking. Given the show’s history of encouraging inventiveness, viewers can expect these stockings to be anything but ordinary. The celebrities will have to put their twist on a classic pattern, potentially resulting in a range of stockings that reflect their personalities and artistic visions.

In a turn towards sustainability and innovation, the second task involves repurposing puffer jackets. The challenge here is to transform them into food-themed fancy dress outfits for children. This task not only tests the contestants’ sewing skills but also their ability to think outside the box and work with unconventional materials.

The final challenge is a grand showcase of personal style and festive cheer, as the celebrities create outfits that they envision wearing on their dream Christmas Day. This task is likely to bring forth a variety of styles, from the elegant and sophisticated to the bold and unconventional.

Watch The Great British Sewing Bee Celebrity Christmas on TV and online

The Great British Sewing Bee Celebrity Christmas Special airs at 9PM on Thursday, 21 December on BBC One.

Those in the UK can also stream the one-off online via BBC iPlayer.