The Girl Before cast revealed in full for new BBC One drama

Meet the The Girl Before 2021 cast

The Girl Before has arrived on BBC One – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast.

The new four-part series is adapted from the JP Delaney novel of the same name.

A synopsis shares: “The Girl Before tells the story of Jane who gets the chance to move into a beautiful, ultra-minimalist house designed by an enigmatic architect. There’s just one catch: the occupants must abide by his list of exacting rules.

“Jane starts to feel the house changing her in unexpected ways, but when she makes the shocking discovery about her predecessor, Emma, she’s forced to confront unnerving similarities. As the two women’s timelines interweave, Jane begins to question if her fate will be the same as the girl before…”

The Girl Before 2021 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of The Girl Before:

Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays Jane Cavendish
David Oyelowo plays Edward Monkford
Jessica Plummer plays Emma Matthews
Ben Hardy plays Simon Wakefield

Amanda Drew plays Carol
Mark Stanley plays Saul
Rakhee Thakrar plays Mia

Watch The Girl Before on TV and online

The four part series will air on TV from Sunday, 19 December at 9PM on BBC One.

Episodes will continue nightly throughout the week at 9PM with the final episode on Wednesday, 22 December.

Alternatively you can watch all the episodes online now via BBC iPlayer here. In the US, the show will stream on HBO Max.

A teaser for the opening episode shares: “Jane moves into a minimalist house, abiding by its architect’s rules. But when she learns her predecessor Emma died there, she worries her fate will be the same as the girl before.”

Creator and writer JP Delaney said of The Girl Before: “It touches on quite emotive and difficult subjects, but I think there is a line right at the end where one of the characters says something about how all anyone’s looking for is someone to care of the mess inside their heads.

“That’s probably the kind of feeling that you’ll walk away with. That everyone is trying to live this perfect, tidy and uncluttered life, and then this house is an extreme example of that.

“But really, life is about mess, muddle, warmth, human relationships and going with the flow.”