The Famous Five start date and cast revealed for new BBC TV show

The BBC has unveiled casting and a start date of at its new TV adaptation of The Famous Five.

A new “reimagining” of Enid Blyton’s iconic novels will start on BBC One, CBBC and iPlayer this Christmas season.

Based on the 21-book series, the new show will be told across three, feature-length episodes.

Jack Gleeson as the character Wentworth wearing gold jewellery and looking down to camera
Jack Gleeson (Wentworth). Credit: BBC / James Pardon

Episode one is on Saturday 9 December at 5:25pm on CBBC and BBC iPlayer. It will also air on BBC One between Christmas and New Year.

Two more episodes of The Famous Five will follow in 2024.

Who’s on the cast?

The main roles will be portrayed by Diaana Babnicova as George, Elliott Rose as Julian, Kit Rakusen as Dick and Flora Jacoby Richardson as Anne, who play the four cousins staying at Kirrin Cottage.

Joining the young adventurers is Kip, the Bearded Collie Cross, who will play Timmy the dog, the fifth member of The Famous Five and their loyal companion.

Additionally, the series will feature Jack Gleeson as Wentworth, Ann Akinjirin as Fanny, James Lance as Quentin and Diana Quick as Mrs. Wentworth.

The Famous Five will follow the thrilling adventures of the young explorers, filled with action, mysteries, danger and secrets, as they showcase the power of camaraderie.

What to expect from The Famous Five on BBC

In the first episode, The Curse of Kirrin Island, a body washes up on the beach, apparently the victim of a local curse. Cousins George, Julian, Dick, Anne and Timmy the dog set out to discover the source of the problem – Kirrin Island, an uninhabited island that belongs to the family.

Tim Kirkby, who is the Director for the first episode and an Executive Producer, said: “Our brilliant young cast are mind-blowingly talented and, along with Kip (playing Timmy), they are already bringing these gorgeous characters to life in a fresh and modern way.

“Together with the brilliant Jack, Ann, James and Diana we can’t wait to bring these glorious, action-filled, epic, family adventures to the screen.”

Patricia Hidalgo, Director BBC Children’s and Education, added: “Bringing these books to life with a new reimagining of The Famous Five is a real treat for BBC audiences and a celebration of British heritage.”

A start date for the series has been confirmed for Saturday, 9 December on CBBC and iPlayer.

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