The Cure cast and all about new Channel 4 drama

The Cast 2019 cast Channel 4

The Cure airs on Channel 4 tonight – here’s all about the new one-off drama.


The factual drama shares the story of the 2008 Stafford Hospital scandal.

It is told from the perspective of Julie Bailey, a local woman who witnessed the appalling conditions first hand when her elderly mother was admitted for a routine hernia procedure. The drama follows Julie’s story, the unforeseen divisions in the local community that resulted from her campaign and the official investigation into the hospital.

A synopsis of the feature-length one-off drama reveals: “In 2007, Julie’s elderly mum Bella was admitted to Stafford Hospital with a treatable hernia condition. Eight weeks later she was dead, having endured appalling levels of care and neglect. But this wasn’t an isolated case.

“During her mum’s stay in hospital, Julie and her family witnessed the routine suffering of patients as they were left for hours in soiled sheets, without pain relief, desperately dehydrated, in filthy wards and ignored by staff.

“Julie was determined that no other patient should suffer in the same way and she launched a campaign called Cure the NHS. Gradually the pressure of the campaign uncovered the full extent of what was really going on at the hospital, resulting in a public inquiry into the failings. It made 290 recommendations to ensure that patient safety became the top priority across the NHS.”

The Cure cast

The Curse stars Sian Brooks (Sherlock, The Moorside) as Julie Bailey with Sue Johnston (The Royle Family, Downton Abbey) plays Julia’s mother Bella Bailey.


Hannah Rae (Broadchurch) appears as Julie’s daughter Hanna with Tamla Kari (The Musketeers, Britannia) as nurse Helene and Georgie Glen (Silent Witness, Call The Midwife) as Dr Heather Wood.

Further casting includes Simon Armstrong as Phillip Jones, Sandra Huggett as Nurse Botham, Ranjit Krishnamma as Mr. Salim, Alex Macqueen as Martin Yeates, Noof McEwan as Mr. Mohindra and Elizabeth Rider as Toni Brisby.

The Cure airs on Channel 4 on Thursday, December 19 at 9PM. You’ll be able to watch online via All4.


Amanda Duke, writer of The Cure, said: “I’m always interested in projects featuring extraordinary, inspiring real-life women so it’s been a real privilege to research and write this challenging and timely film for Channel 4.

“Julie’s story is incredibly moving, and whatever I thought I knew about Mid Staffs paled into insignificance the minute I met her and she started talking about what she and her family endured on Ward 11.”