The Cockfields series 2 first look as hit comedy returns to Gold

The Cockfields series 2 is on its way to UKTV channel Gold.

The series, which first aired in 2019, is co-written and stars Joe Wilkinson

The second outing will see Gregor Fisher return to the world of sitcom, taking on the role of Ray which was originated by the late Bobby Ball.

The Cockfields stars Wilkinson as Simon, visiting his ever-doting mother Sue (Sue Johnston), his controlling yet well-meaning stepfather Ray (Fisher) and his celebrity-obsessed stepbrother David (Ben Rufus Green) at their home on the Isle of Wight.

Also joining the cast for the second series are Susannah Fielding, playing Simon’s new girlfriend Esther, Greg McHugh as his old schoolfriend Tony and Michele Dotrice who adopts the role of Lyn, originally played by Maggie Steed.

Series two of The Cockfields will air on Gold in November. The six-part series will be followed by a Christmas special over the festive period.

A teaser for the second outing shares: “Simon and Esther’s engagement is a preoccupation for Sue. Esther is happy to respond to her many questions about the wedding but Simon’s not so keen. He’s busy trying to avoid his old school friend Tony (Greg McHugh) who keeps trying to rekindle their friendship.

“Simon also has to juggle bumping into his estranged dad Larry (Nigel Havers) who lives on the Island with his younger girlfriend Melissa (Sarah Parish).

“Meanwhile David is keen to find love, while dodging the advances of Sue’s friend Lyn (Michele Dotrice), but Esther is on hand to give him some useful tips. Things come to a head when Simon takes Sue and Ray out for what he hopes will be a nice meal to thank them for the holiday. ”

Writers Joe Wilkinson and David Earl said: “Thank you Gold loads for giving us a second series and supporting the show. We’re so chuffed to finally be making more episodes of The Cockfields – although our mate Simon isn’t, whose surname we nicked for the show. He’s actually quite annoyed, as it goes.

“We also want to mention how sad it was to lose Bobby last year, and what an honour it was to work with him. A brilliantly funny man.”

Speaking about the new series and Gregor Fisher joining the cast, Sue Johnston said: “It was bittersweet, and if I’m honest, before I met Gregor, I felt guilty about Bobby. I don’t think it became real until we were actually on set. It didn’t strike me during rehearsal, but once we got on the old set, and the old familiarity, I suddenly felt that I really missed Bobby.

“This is absolutely no disrespect to Gregor, who is wonderful and has really made a very different job of it. But I had a real sense of loss for a few days that I hadn’t noticed before, but time moves on and Gregor brings such a different side to it. So in a way that made it easier. Both Bobby and Gregor were equally wonderful to work with.”

Gregor added: “I had never met Sue before we did this series together. She is absolutely delightful, and was a delight to work with from beginning to end. She’s a joy. Sue is just in a different class. She made me laugh a lot.”

The Cockfields returns on Monday, 8 November – Friday, 12 November, 10PM, Gold.

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