The Circle ‘planning its first celebrity series for 2020’

The Circle is reportedly working on a first celebrity series to air later in 2020.


The hit game show series has aired for two seasons on Channel 4 so far with members of the public.

But 2020 is set to see a Celebrity spin-off.

In The Circle, contestants reside separately in their own apartments, with cameras watching their every move.

Never meeting one another in person, the sole way they can communicate with each other is through the titular Circle, a voice-activated social network.

Players can choose to be whomever they think will make them most popular with other players, regularly rating one another with the least popular contestants being eliminated.

While the civilian version sees a cash prize of up to £100,000 on offer, the celebrity show will see money given to the charity of choice of the winner.


The Sun newspaper reports that Emma Willis will return to host the new Celebrity special.

A source told the tabloid: “Producers have already started putting out the feelers to some celeb names to see if they’ll be free for filming.

“They want to get a mixture of showbiz names, sports stars and older celebs so they can draw in a wider audience. At the moment it’s mostly watched by youngsters, so they would like to broaden that fanbase.”

Last year’s series saw TV legend Richard Madeley appear as a contestant in the early weeks, acting as a ‘celebrity catfish’.

Richard didn’t use his real identity, instead giving viewers full control over his profile in The Circle.


He played as a 27-year-old woman called Judy and was given a secret task to get himself blocked from the game.

You can watch all episodes of The Circle UK online via the All4 player here.