The Circle 2021 results! Who left? Another player blocked in shock exit

The Circle results - who was blocked?

The Circle 2021 saw another player get blocked in tonight’s results.


In this evening’s episode two more players got influencer power and had to decide who to block.

After the latest ratings, it was Felix (aka Natalya) and Manrika who were voted influencers by their fellow players.

Who left The Circle?

After meeting in the hang out, Felix (Natalya) and Manrika decided to block Vithun who was next to leave The Circle.

“This has been the hardest decision and we honestly feel devastated but me and Felix are agreed on this,” said Manrika as she delivered the decision. “It’s been so difficult because we love you all so much.

“We’ve had to consider so many factors, who we want to continue to get to know and many many more things. This is honestly devastating. It breaks my heart to say that our decision boils down to the most important thing to both of us, loyalty and trust. If that’s broken then what do we have?

“Therefore the player we have decided to block is… Vithun.”


Before leaving, Vithun will get the chance to meet another player face to face. Who he chooses to see will be revealed in the next episode on Friday.

In the ratings it was the first time newbies Femi (Joey) and Pippa were up to be rated.

You can see how the full ratings went below.

1st. Manrika
2nd. Felix (Natalya)
3rd.= Syed (Hashu)
3rd.= Dot (Scott)

5th. Andy
6th. Femi (Joey)
7th. Pippa
8th. Vithun

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, Manrika caught up with the girls following her date with ‘Felix’ and got some dating advice from Dorothy (Scott).

Manrika told Pippa and Dorothy (Scott) about her and Felix’s plans for their dates on the outside.

Meanwhile Felix (Natalya) admitted her guilt about leading Manrika on after a chat with the boys.


“What I’m doing is to cause me to feel a bit of guilt,” Natalya said. “I will be breaking a lot of people’s trust once they do meet me.”

The Circle continues Sunday to Fridays at 10PM on Channel 4 and All 4.

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