The Circle 2019 spoilers: Players come face to face in the final


Here’s a first look at the final of The Circle 2019 tonight as the players come face to face for the first time.

After three weeks, The Circle’s second series concludes with a live final tonight.

Up until now the contestants have been living alone, never meeting in person and only communicating via The Circle.

Those left in The Circle are Woody Cook (playing as himself), Georgina Aurelia Elliott (playing as herself) and Tim Wilson (playing as himself)

They’re joined by James Doran (playing as single mum Sammie) and Paddy Smyth (playing as himself).

In the final, they will rate one another most to least popular. The most popular contestant will win the game.

After the ratings are made, but ahead of the winner being crowned, the remaining players then meet for the first time.

“Please get ready to meet one another face to face,” The Circle tells the group.

Each of the players makes their way to a central meeting spot for a final meal together, with James the first to arrive.

“The first question they ask is gonna be ‘Who are you?'” says James, who up until this moment has been playing as single mum Sammie.

You can watch a first clip of the grand final tonight in the video above.

The Circle 2019 concludes live this evening Friday on October, 18 at 10PM hosted by Emma Willis.

You can catch up on past episodes of this year’s series via All4 Player.

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