The Circle 2019 spoilers: First look as one player is blocked in tonight’s results

Here’s a first look at tonight’s episode of The Circle 2019 where one player is sent packing.

In tonight’s instalment (Monday, October 14), one more contestant is blocked.

However this time the blocking will be happening face to face.

In last night’s episode, it was revealed that Woody had been made the secret influencer by viewers in a brand new twist.

The other players were told about the secret influencer being chosen but not their identity.

As he decided who to block, Woody said: “It’s tough, I see a board of my friends but someone has to go. I don’t like making people sad but I have to do it.”

However after making his decision Woody then got a surprise as The Circle revealed one other twist: “You must now block this player face to face.”

Meanwhile, the other players were told: “A decision has been made. The secret influencer is on their way to block one of you. Now.”

In this preview clip, the players are seen awaiting their fate to see if they get a knock at their door.

Jack comments: “I can’t take this I’m fragile man,” while Beth reassures: “It’s not happening, we’re staying firmly put.”

Georgia reacts: “This is horrible, my heart is beating so hard right now.”

Woody can be any one of the players currently taking part in the game other than newbie Jan (playing as herself).

Alongside Woody and Jan, those currently in The Circle are Ella May (playing as herself), Georgina Aurelia Elliott (playing as herself), Tim Wilson (playing as himself) and Woody Cook (playing as himself).

They’re joined by James Doran (playing as single mum Sammie), Paddy Smyth (playing as himself), Busayo Twins (playing as Josh) and Beth Dunlavey & Jack Quirk (playing together as Joyce).

The Circle 2019 airs weeknights at 10PM on Channel 4 ahead of the live final this Friday.

You can watch episodes online and catch up via the All4 Player.

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