The Castaways release date, trailer and all about TV series with Sheridan Smith


The Castaways is the brand new TV series starring Sheridan Smith.

The Castaways will be released to watch online in the UK on 26 December 2023, exclusively on Paramount+.

The five-part series is based on the book of the same name by Lucy Clarke.

Two sisters, Lori and Erin, plan an unforgettable holiday in Fiji. However, after a heated argument, Erin skips their flight to the resort, while Lori proceeds alone. Tragically, the plane never reaches its destination. Months later, with no trace of the plane or survivors, a startling development occurs: Lori’s credit card is used in a remote Fijian village.

Convinced her sister might be alive, Erin embarks on a daunting journey to solve the mystery of Lori’s fate. The narrative oscillates between the sisters’ viewpoints: Erin embarks on a dangerous quest to unearth the truth about the plane crash, while Lori, battling for survival, is stranded with other survivors.

Each revelation unfolds, inching closer to the shocking truth – a secret so perilous that someone on the island is willing to kill to protect it.

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Meet the cast

On the cast are Sheridan Smith (Mrs Biggs, The C Word) as Lori Holme, Celine Buckens (Showtrial, Warhorse, The Ex-Wife) as Erin Holme, Brendan Cowell (Avatar: The Way of the Water, Game of Thrones, The Twelve) as Mike Brass, Lasarus Ratuere (Ghost in the Shell, The Leftovers, The Tourist), as Felix Vatabua, Dominic Tighe (The Boys In The Boat, The New Look, A Confession), as Daniel Eldridge and Charlotte Vega (Wrong Turn, The Lodgers, Burial) as Amber Gordon.

Author Lucy Clarke said: “That post-Christmas slump is a wonderful time for a big transportive thriller show. For me, I don’t tend to watch as much in the summer months, but I am so ready at that time of year for a log fire on, all the good snacks, just nestle in.

“There is nothing I would rather watch than a show that transports you somewhere beautiful but also has that feeling of, ‘I cannot stop watching’. I’m hoping that is how viewers will feel when they watch The Castaways.”