The Cabins spoilers: New couple arrives – but is it over for another pair?

The Cabins continues tonight on ITV2 as a brand new couple arrives.

It’s day 3 on the new reality series and as two of the couples continue to get to know each other, there’s some new arrivals in Beaver’s Burrow.

In Stag’s Mount, Tom wants to reassure Olivia that he’s not always “soppy”.

Tom says: “All you’re seeing is the nice guy who does cute things. If I’d have come in and been the a***hole… I think you’ll like the real me more than you like ‘Cabin me’.”

Tom and Olivia chat.
Tom and Olivia chat.

However, Tom seems to forget this by the evening, setting up another floor picnic date for them, this time inside, admitting, “This is so soppy”.

Olivia jokes: “This is so cute, everyone’s going to take the p*** out of you! It’s actually so cute.”

Later Tom performs his version of Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike routine. But it doesn’t go exactly to plan with Olivia, who appears to find it funny rather than sexy.

Tom and Olivia chat.
Tom and Olivia chat.

Could time be up for the duo as they ponder checking out of The Cabins?

Over in Otter’s Pocket, Sarah and Charlotte each speak to friends at home about their quick kiss in bed.

Sarah, who wants a longer kiss, gets advice from her friend from home to set up beer pong again, but this time with dares on the bottom of the cups, including ‘kiss’.

Sarah and Charlotte video call Sarah’s Mum.
Sarah and Charlotte video call Sarah’s Mum.

Charlotte meanwhile has the same thing in mind, telling her friend: “I need to make the move tonight, I get nervous and I panic.”

The duo later set each other an assault course test around the Cabin, timing each other’s efforts, with the clock only stopping when they kiss at the finish line. But it’s not quite the full kiss they want.

But when beer pong mixed with dares gets underway, will they finally get to kiss?

Elsewhere, in the evening, Charlotte surprises Sarah with a rap performance. Sarah laughs: “It was horrendous, but fair play for confidence.”

And when Sarah’s mum wants to ask Charlotte a question on a video call, is it already time to meet the parents for the Otters?

When check out time comes, the pair discuss their differences and whether they’re compatible. But will this spell the end of their The Cabins trip, or will they spend more time getting to know each other?

Sarah and Charlotte.
Sarah and Charlotte.

Meanwhile in Beaver’s Burrow there’s a new couple in The Cabins.

Football-loving Robyn arrives, with no idea her incoming date Mamudo, is a semi-pro footballer.

Mamudo says his mates think he’s a “ladies’ man” but he says he’s “genuine, positive [with a] good heart”.

As Robyn gives Mamudo a tour of the Cabin, he’s more interested in looking at his date, saying to her: “Everywhere I’m looking is beautiful.”

It doesn’t take the two long to play some football. Mamudo tells Robyn: “You’re not bad!”

He jokes: “At the end of this, I might get you gloves…”

Robyn arrives
Robyn arrives

With Robyn laughing: “Because I’m a keeper!”

The pair both message home with glowing reports of their dates.

Later they chat in the hot tub and share a biscuit in a ‘Lady and The Tramp’ style moment.

Could this lead to a kiss on their first date?

But come the morning, has the date been an own goal, as Mamudo admits he’s “not getting the same vibe as yesterday”?. Or is he simply running rings around his match?

After another 24 hours, with one new couple in place and one pondering an exit is it all change in The Cabins…?

The Cabins continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and is available to catch up on the ITV Hub.