The Cabins: Meet new couple Nathan and Alex as they start their 24 hour date

Another new pair enter The Cabins on ITV2 tonight as to start a 24 hour date.

In this evening’s episode at 9PM, Nathan and Alex check in to Beaver’s Burrow and are chatty from the get go.

22-year-old Alex from Oxfordshire runs her own cocktail business while 22-year-old Nathan from Bournemouth is a model & actor.

The pair quickly get to know one another in the hot tub, with Nathan asking: “Have you got a type?”

Alex says: “I don’t really know. As long as they’ve got a good personality, it makes them more fit.”

Continuing the conversation out of the hot tub, Nathan says: “I was worried you would be boring. When I meet someone I have this 10 second rule of whether I like them or not!”

Alex asks: “So, did you like me?”

Nathan says: “Yeah! I just think you pick up a vibe off someone. You can always tell if you’re going to get on.”

As their conversation continues, Nathan heartwarmingly opens up about his family, and it looks like their duo are both on the same page about their initial attraction.

Speaking to friends about their experience so far, Nathan confesses: “Oh my God, mate. She is ten out of ten my type.”

Similarly, Alex confides in a friend over text that she too likes Nathan.

Nathan reveals he is planning to sleep downstairs as he doesn’t want to give Alex the wrong impression.

However, will Alex take the gesture the way it’s intended, or read into it?

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, Charlotte and Remi enlist the help of a psychic to determine their compatibility before taking part in a spiritual cleanse in a hot tub.

The next morning they must decide whether to call time on their date. And it’s a heart-felt chat for the pair as they open up about how they both feel about what stage they’re at.

Meanwhile, Curtis and Daisy have spent their first night together in Otter’s Pocket and they try their hand at sausage making.

Will the couples decide to renew their time in The Cabins for a further 24 hours?

The Cabins continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and is available to catch up on the ITV Hub.

Picture: ITV

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