The Cabins: Meet new couple Amani and Terelle as they join the show

Another new pair enter The Cabins on ITV2 tonight as Amani and Terelle start a 24 hour date.

Following the departure of Jess and Joel, Amani and Terelle check in to Stag’s Mount, meeting for the first time.

Amani, who says you should never let “a man bring you down” says she’s been single for a year and “completely out of the whole dating zone”.

Terelle meanwhile jokes: “I do get a lot of attention. I’m successful when I talk to girls. Some would say player… I’d say desired male. I’m wanted…”

But it might not be quite as smooth sailing here, as he immediately knocks a decoration off the wall as he tries to carry Amani’s heavy suitcase up the stairs for her. “No one saw it, it’s fine,” she laughs.

And it’s not long before Amani teases she’s “going to go” after Terelle admits he doesn’t like pets.

Terelle laughs: “I’ll hold the door. They’re messy… I’m a clean freak.”

Amani jokes: “Oh no, I am so messy!”

But as the pair discuss why their single, Terelle earns some points back.

Terelle says: “I was ‘unserious’.”

Amani asks: “You had an ‘f-boy’ stage?”

Terelle admits: “Something like that.”

Amani smiles: “You rate higher for owning that.”

However, when it comes to the sleeping arrangements, things get confused between the pair. Amani wants to sleep separately, but Terelle says the pull out bed is too small for him.

Elsewhere tonight, in Otter’s pocket, Will and Holly want to up the romance. And so Will is tasked with cooking a three-course meal for Holly. In order to produce this gastronomic treat, Will decides to get microwave meals… and then lie about it.

And in Beaver’s Burrow, Mamudo attempts to treat Robyn by putting six aftershaves on at once.

After 24 hours, the couples must decided if they want to stay together and head home alone.

How have Terelle and Amani woken up to a new day? Has Will and Holly’s romance cracked and are Robyn and Mamudo ready for something more outside of The Cabins? Watch tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

The Cabins continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and is available to catch up on the ITV Hub.

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