The Bridge results: Winner revealed from Channel 4’s new reality game show

The Bridge 2020 winner revealed

The winner from Channel 4’s brand new reality game show The Bridge has been confirmed.

The new series had a fairly straight forward concept: A prize fund of £100,000 was up for grabs on an isolated island.

12 contestants, who had never met before, were given twenty days to build a bridge to get to the prize.

However along the way there were a series of “surprise twists in the process”.

And at the very end, each of them had to vote for who they think is the most deserving of the life changing prize. The winner was then left with the trickiest decision of all – will they keep all the money or share it?

The Bridge results

In the final episode, it was 28-year-old Julie from London who won the cash prize, eventually totalling £80,000.

She chose to split the money with fellow contestant Sly, saying: “I think my experience wouldn’t have been the same without him. We’ve ha lots of laughs, chats, cries and I think he’s an incredible human being.”

The Bridge aired on Channel 4 for five episodes. You can catch up with the series online via All 4 player here.

Made by production company Workerbee, the five-part series was narrated by Bafta winning and Golden Globe nominated actor James McAvoy.

Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment at Channel 4 said: “This is such an exciting first reality commission for me and the Channel 4 entertainment department.

“The brilliant Workerbee have conjured up the entertaining twists, comedy and drama viewers associate with classic channel 4 reality, against what might be considered a traditionally more factual backdrop.”

Steve Handley, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 added: “Filmed in the backdrop of the wide open spaces of the glorious UK countryside that many of us have been dreaming of in recent months this entertaining and utterly engaging new reality series is bound to start many conversations about just how far we would each go to secure £100k.”

Rick Murray, Managing Director for Workerbee, commented: “The Bridge is an innovative and ground-breaking factual entertainment format and we’re thrilled to be making it for Channel 4 from our HQ in Manchester.

“Pulling together a show of this nature and scale in the current environment has been no mean feat but we’re raring to go and it is going to be fascinating to see if this cross section of people can work as a team even after months of lockdown.”

Warren Smith, Executive Producer for Workerbee added: “After months of lockdown, a group of strangers have come together to tackle an intense challenge. We aim to find out whether they will work in harmony or will ruthless behaviour play a part in securing the £100,000 winnings?

“Filmed in the British countryside, we will demonstrate that you do not have to travel abroad to find beautiful locations, they exist on our doorstep.”

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