The Bachelor UK: Who is Alex Marks? Meet the single hunk looking for love

Who is The Bachelor UK? Instagram and Twitter usernames!

The Bachelor UK 2019 is here with Alex Marks on the hunt for his perfect partner.


The Bachelor will sees single women compete to win the affections of one hunky eligible bachelor.

Each week, the Bachelor gives roses to the ladies he wants to stick around – while those who don’t get one are immediately eliminated. Mark Wright will host the new 10-part series, which is the first to air since 2012.

Who is Alex Marks?

The Bachelor UK 2019 is 31-year-old Alex Marks.

He runs his own personal training studio in South London. He is looking for the love of his life and hopes to settle down and start a family.

You can follow Alex on Twitter @iamalexmarks and on Instagram @alexpmarks

Alex will get to pick between 17 potential partners in the show.


Discussing what he was looking for, Alex spoke about the relationship of his parents. “They just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary, they’re just so in sync with one another,” he told the Mirror. “It just works really well and they’ve been in love for a very long time. Mum used to get picked up by dad at her school gates.

“That’s 100% [what I want], to spend a life with somebody is the ultimate goal isn’t it? To share life experiences with somebody.”

Recalling filming the series, he said: “The process was amazing, stressful, exciting, exhilarating at times and full of emotions, it was an amazing time.

“I had devoted an awful lot of time to my business and my career and put romance on the sidelines and thought, ‘Do you know what I miss being in a relationship and I want to love and find, the one’, so I went in for it.”

Meanwhile, host Mark Wright says he and Alex struck up a bromance during the series.


“Me and Alex got on really well, we had a bromance. He needed me! He had him alone and 17 women fighting over him and I know that sounds amazing and the dream,” Mark told the Daily Mail. “I was there for him to talk to as he was away from his family and friends and he’s never been to South Africa so it was nice to have a mate.”

The Bachelor 2019 UK airs on Channel 5 at 10PM from Monday, March 4.

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