All the results from The Apprentice this year

The Apprentice 2022: Lord Sugar, Boardroom, on the phone - (C) Naked - Photographer: Naked
The Apprentice 2022: Lord Sugar, Boardroom, on the phone - (C) Naked - Photographer: Naked

Here’s a full recap of who left The Apprentice this week and all the results from the latest series so far.

Back for 2024, a total of 18 ambitious candidates have signed up for The Apprentice, each vying for a life-changing opportunity.

They will compete for Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment and his mentorship. Each week at least one will be told ‘You’re fired’ and head home.

Here’s all the results so far…

Episode Eleven

It was the penultimate episode of the series and some familiar faces returned as the final five candidates went head-to-head with Lord Sugar’s most trusted advisors for one-to-one interviews.

The candidates we saw fired were Paul Midha, Flo Edwards and Tre Lowe.

Lord Sugar said in the boardroom: “Tre, I’ve always said to people in this process that you will learn as you go along, and that includes me. And I have learnt that you are a good bloke. Your business is not up my alley mate, and so it is with sincere regret, You’re Fired!

“Flo, I think you’ve underestimated the difficulty it’s going to be in starting from scratch. It is going to be hard, and I’m leaning towards Flo saying I’m going to have to let you go. Sorry about that. And I do wish you very, very well. But Flo, You’re Fired.

“Paul, I wish you well. But unfortunately, because you are not willing to share the whole business with me, I’m afraid to say with great respect, You’re Fired.”


Episode Ten

Week ten and the candidates were tasked with creating and branding a new vegan alternative to cheese before pitching to industry experts. In the kitchen one team’s curry creation caused havoc, whilst on the other a premium product failed to deliver.

In the boardroom, another double firing saw Foluso Falade and Steve Darken leave the show.

Lord Sugar said: “Foluso you have been quoted throughout the course of this process “look I’m good at branding and I can show what to do” well you’ve shown me what you did and it’s not very good … the logo is a joke, the video is a joke and with all due respect you failed. I don’t want to waste any more time over this, the branding and the video was terrible, and so it is with regret Foluso, You’re Fired!

“Steve you were responsible for the curry flavoured product and that is the fundamental reason why this task failed. But at the end of the day, I’m homing in on can be in business with you, can be in business with her (gesturing towards Rachel) and I’m struggling here. However, Steve, I don’t believe that we’re meant for each other. It’s been nice to have been associated with you over the past 10 weeks but Steve it is with regret, You’re Fired.”

Foluso said: “Gutted to not make it to the final, it was literally arms reach away but Lord Sugar didn’t want me on board and that’s perfectly fine. I’ll bank on myself, and I’ll prove him wrong.”

Steve added: “Honestly surprised that Lord Sugar fired me I don’t think it was the right decision, he’s probably the first person ever to say no to this thing (gestures to himself)”


Episode Nine

Week nine saw the return of the iconic TV shopping task which featured the candidates selling live to the nation, on a leading shopping channel. Candidates had to choose products to sell to viewers, whilst being directed by the gallery.

In the boardroom it was a double exit as both Raj Chohan and Maura Rath were fired.

Lord Sugar said in the boardroom: “This is a selling task, your selling skills Raj, although you say are good, were not good in this case…..but the salesmanship was no good whatsoever. Maura, I’m sorry Maura but you turned people off, created complaints. I think the project manager should have pulled you when she watched you and saw you doing it. And for that reason, Raj, I’m sorry, but I think you are responsible for the failure of this task and therefore You’re Fired.

“Flo, you’ve taken responsibility for the price drop and she say’s (gesturing towards Maura) its 50/50. Maybe me screaming and shouting and maybe you dropping the prices. I have to balance in my mind if its 50/50. Honestly, I don’t see it like that, I see it more 70/30. So, Maura it is with regret You’re Fired.”

Raj reacted in the taxi: “I will take ownership of my mistakes and unfortunately Lord Sugar couldn’t see the investment potential in me, but it’s ok I carry on.”

Maura added: “I was screaming didn’t realise it, but you know what it’s just who I am. I have passion and no regrets.”


Episode Eight

This week, candidates were tasked with branding an electric vehicle and creating an advertising campaign before pitching to a panel of experts. One team lost their way as they drove their advert into comic chaos, while on the other team, a confusing advert received the red light for its poor location and boring story.

In the boardroom, Noor Bouziane was fired.

Lord Sugar said in the boardroom: “I’m frustrated Noor, that you don’t understand how you’ve messed this thing up. I gave you the opportunity to prove yourself. It was a terrible, terrible advert and I’m afraid to say it is with regret, Noor, that you’re fired.”

Noor said after leaving: “I’m grateful to have met amazing people and to have shown just a small percentage of what an amazing businesswoman that I am. And even though the advert got a lot of criticism I still believe that it was really good.”


Episode Seven

In week seven, Lord Sugar’s candidates jetted off to the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. Celebrating it’s 150th birthday the candidates hoped to capitalise on booming tourism to sell and run their own boat and vineyard tours.

One team focused on fun over facts while on the other team a last-minute change of plan put a spanner in the works.

Fired this week was Virdi Singh Mazaria.

Lord Sugar said in the boardroom: “Virdi, you’ve told us that you’re a good salesman and you’re good at selling, but you didn’t sell well enough….It’s very difficult I’m afraid’.

“However, Virdi 7 tasks, 7 losses you are a charming young man, but I think your time in this process is over. It is very regrettable that I have to say to you, that you’re fired.

Virdi states in the taxi: “Lord Sugar said that I really made people around me proud and he also said stay in touch, so get me his WhatsApp number because I’m going to message him every day.”


Episode Six

Week six and Lord Sugar told the candidates to design and create a new breakfast cereal aimed at six-to-eight-year-olds to pitch and sell to industry buyers.

In the boardroom, it was toast for one candidate as Sam Saadet was fired.

Lord Sugar told Sam: “Sam, I admire your honesty and I can tell that you get on with everyone and that is a good virtue in business. However, the kids found the cereal boring and bland. So it is with sincere regret that you’re fired.”

Sam said in the taxi: “I was completely and utterly myself throughout the whole process. And Lord Sugar knew that. His comments at the end meant more to me than anything and I completely went out on the high and I get to go home to my babies now.”

The Apprentice candidates in the boardroom

Episode Five

Week five and candidates were tasked with launching a new Formula E team before pitching for sponsorship. Multi-million-pound negotiations were put in jeopardy when disastrous car designs are unveiled, and questionable branding was revealed.

In the boardroom, it was Onyeka Nweze who was sent home.

Lord Sugar said: “Onyeka, the lack of not explaining the ethos is also a very, very serious thing. You are culpable in as much as the failure is concerned…

“Onyeka, you’re clearly a charming and highly intelligent lady, and I appreciate that you’ve done your best throughout the course of this process, but on this occasion it simply wasn’t enough. So, it is with regret that Onyeka you’re fired.”


Episode Four

Week four and the candidates were sent to Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands. There, in and amongst the castles and the coastline, the candidates ha dto secure and negotiate nine items synonymous to the area.

In the boardroom it was a double exit as we saw Amina Khan AND Jack Davies fired.

Lord Sugar said: Jack, you were ultimately responsible for the strategy, and the strategy failed. But, Amina, you were in charge of the sub-team’s lack of strategy and that cost the whole team big. And so, it is with regret Amina, you’re fired. And Jack, I’m sorry to say, you’re also fired.”

Amina reacted: “Everyone in that room was at fault but everyone was hiding behind the curtain, dodging the bullet and in actual fact anyone in that room was so close to being fired.”

Jack added: “Big shock. I wasn’t expecting it but look it is what it is. It’s happened and I’ve got to take it on the chin.”


Episode Three

In the third week, the candidates were immersed in the world of virtual escape rooms as Lord Sugar tasked them with creating a new game concept, before pitching to experts.

Third to be fired was Asif Munaf.

Lord Sugar said: “Your claim of being a great leader hasn’t come to fruition in my view. Asif you are a poor poor manager, so it is with regret you are fired.”

The Apprentice 2024 cast

Episode Two

For week two, Lord Sugar revealed that the candidates would manufacturing miniature cheesecakes to sell to the public and to a corporate client; with the team who secured the biggest overall profit winning.

In the boardroom, it was Paul Bowen who got fired.

Lord Sugar said: “Paul, I admire you for admitting your mistakes but there were simply too many mistakes and so it is with regret Paul, you’re fired.”

Paul remarked in the taxi “The biggest regret is obviously banging on about chocolate but, hey, it’s time to go back and make some pies.”


Episode One

The hunt is on for Lord Sugar’s next business partner, and this year’s candidates kicked things off in the breathtaking Scottish Highlands. Under the watchful eye of Baroness Karren Brady and Tim Campbell, teams were tasked with hosting a corporate away day.

The unlucky first candidate to be fired was Oliver Medforth.

Lord Sugar said: “Ollie, it’s funny that you’re amongst eight colleagues and quite a few of them didn’t know what you did, and so I say no smoke without fire…..It’s a tough one, Ollie I’m sorry to say mate you’re fired.”

Oliver said in the taxi home: “A little bit disappointed to go out first, it’s been a fantastic experience on this process, and I wish each and every candidate the best of luck.”


The Apprentice airs on BBC One and iPlayer on Thursday nights.

If you think you can do better than this year’s candidates, find out about how to apply for The Apprentice here.

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