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The Apprentice candidates banned from using the internet and even calculators

The Apprentice candidates can’t use their phones for anything other than calls, it’s been reported.


Latest to be fired from the show Jackie Fast has revealed just how little help the candidates have in their tasks.

The phones they’re provided with have been locked down so they can only be used to phone their teammates.

They can’t use the internet and can’t even use calculator apps to help them with sums.

“In all fairness I found it challenging not having a calculator,” Jackie told the Daily Express newspaper. “It’s such a stupid thing but you get really used to using your phone for loads of things including spellcheck. I mean they’re dumbing us down obviously.

“But with things of that nature, not having the calculator and internet and having it stripped down and having to rely on your actual knowledge is hard.”

A spokesperson for the show said last year of the candidates’ phones: “Candidates do not have access to the internet on their mobile devices unless it is required by the task (for example, if they are launching a website). The tasks set by Lord Sugar are there to challenge the candidates to exhibit the skills needed to set up and run a business.

“By limiting access to the internet and mobile phones, Lord Sugar is able to clearly assess candidates’ intelligence and practical skills, while also keeping the process fair.”

The Apprentice 2018 continues Wednesday nights at 9PM on BBC One.


Those currently on the show include Camilla Ainsworth 22-year-old Owner, Nut Milk Brand from Lancashire, Daniel Elahi 28-year-old Owner, Lifestyle Brand from London and Khadija Kalifa 28-year-old Owner, Eco Cleaning Company from Lincolnshire.

They’re joined by Sabrina Stocker 22-year-old Owner, Tennis Events Company from Middlesex, Sarah Ann Magson 37-year-old Solicitor from Teesside and Sian Gabbidon 25-year-old Owner, Swimwear Brand from Leeds.

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