The Apprentice 2023 results! Who left? THREE fired after the interviews!

The Apprentice results! Who was fired tonight? Spoilers! Week 11 (16 March)

Three candidates were fired from The Apprentice 2023 in tonight’s results as the finalists were revealed.

The Apprentice 2023 winner is now just one week away from being announced with only Rochelle Raye Anthony and Marnie Swindells left in the running.

Tonight’s episode saw the dreaded interview stages and a trio of candidates were fired by Lord Sugar this week.

The Apprentice 2023 final five

It was Megan Hornby, Dani Donovan and Victoria Goulbourne who left The Apprentice in the latest results.

In tonight’s show, the final five candidates were summoned to the City as their business ideas wereinterrogated by Lord Sugar’s trusted advisers. A deep dive into their business plans revealed fictitious figures, crazy concepts and absurd ambitions.

Back were business heavyweights Claude Littner, Karren Brady, Linda Plant and Mike Soutar.

Each candidate went head-to-head with the business bigwigs as they battled to back their plans.

After the interviews, it was then to the boardroom for the top five contestants. There, it was Lord Sugar’s time to put them through their paces as he decided which candidates had what it takes to be in the final.

First to leave was Victoria, with Lord Sugar saying: “The thing is Victoria there is nothing unique about your business. Frankly, you know I am not sweet on your idea I’m afraid. It’s been nice working with you, but it is with regret Victoria, that you’re fired!”

Next to leave was Dani. Lord Sugar said: “Coming back to you Dani, your business plan was really, really bad. You know that… I am not sure there’s going to be any extension to your time in this process. Dani, it’s been nice working with you, you’re a real bubbly character. Dani it is with regret – you’re fired.”

After sending the remaining three candidates out of the boardroom to deliberate, Lord Sugar ultimately fired Megan.

He told the remaining trio: “You’re making this pretty hard for me here, my gut feeling tells me. Megan- you’re fired.”

The Apprentice final two: Marnie Swindells and Rochelle Raye Anthony.
The Apprentice final two: Marnie Swindells and Rochelle Raye Anthony. Credit: Matt Frost

That left Rochelle and Marnie in the final and battling for Lord Sugar’s investment.

Tune in to find out who will hear Lord Sugar’s immortal words ‘You’re Hired’ in the final episode of The Apprentice next Thursday.

The Apprentice 2023 final airs Thursday, 23 March at 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

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