The Apprentice 2019 results! Who left? Second candidate fired after ice lolly chaos

Who was fired from The Apprentice? Week 2 October 9

The Apprentice 2019 said goodbye to another candidate – but who left this week?

Last Wednesday saw the first episode oft the new series where the candidates found themselves sent to South Africa.

Split into Boys and Girls teams, they had to launch tours for tourists. It was the guys who lost out and in a heated boardroom, Shahin Hassan became the first contestant this year to be told ‘You’re Fired’.

For Week Two, Lord Sugar summoned the candidates to the Alexandra Palace and the centre of the venue’s famous ice rink.

There, he revealed that for this week’s task they would be creating and selling their own range of ice lollies. They needed to create two original lollies each, one to pitch to a corporate client arranged by Lord Sugar and the other to sell to the general public.

The task required creativity in the kitchen while always keeping an eye on the margins.

Leading the boys’ team was Kenna Ngoma who created a healthy lavender lolly for the public and a coconut and raspberry lolly for their corporate client.

On the girls’ team, led by Carina Lepore, they created a cherry cola retro lolly for the public and a lolly with edible flowers for their corporate client.

In the boardroom, orders and sales were totalled and there was a clear winner with the girls making a profit of £371.43 to the boys’ £545.21.

The girls were sent on a spa day for their treat as the boys remained to face Lord Sugar.

Project manager Kenna brought Ryan-Mark Parsons and Dean Ahmad back to the boardroom.

“This task was a disaster,” Lord Sugar concluded before announcing it was Kenna who was fired.

After his exit, Kenna said: “I’m genuinely gutted. As soon as I found out the boys team lost, I thought I was going. I was a dead guy walking.”

The Apprentice 2019 continues Wednesday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

Episodes can be watched online via the BBC iPlayer.

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