The Apprentice 2018 results: Who left? Latest candidate fired in Christmas chocolate task

Who was fired The Apprentice 2018 this week? Results confirmed SPOILER

Another candidate was fired in The Apprentice 2018 results tonight but who left?


It was Sarah Ann Magson who was fired from The Apprentice this week, following a task involving Christmas chocolates.

In tonight’s show, it was week ten and Lord Sugar surprised the candidates as he arrived at the house unannounced.

Christmas came early for the contestants as Lord Sugar challenged them to cash in on the lucrative Christmas retail market by producing a range of festive chocolates.

“You’ll need to brand a design the packaging and create three new chocolate flavours,” he explained. Candidates were told they would then pitch their chocolate concoctions to retailers in the hope of orders.

For the teams, Sabrina Stocker, Sian Gabbidon and Khadija Kalifa made up Team Collaborative, led by Sabrina

Daniel Elahi, Sarah Ann Magson and Camilla Ainsworth were Team Typhoon for the challenge, project managed by Camilla.


They were instructed produce and brand a new range of Christmas chocolate to pitch to buyers. They had to concoct three unique chocolate flavours, come up with a brand name and design packaging for their range.

Team Typhoon’s decision to create ‘naughty but nice’ chocolates resulted in overly provocative packaging while on the other side, Sabrina’s a high-end product ended up with them being boring and bland.

When it came to manufacturing, forgetting to measure out ingredients left Team Typhoon’s chocolates light on flavour but, on Team Collaborative, playing it safe also failed to pack a punch.

The next day, the two teams had to pitch their chocolate creations to trailers in a bid to secure sales.

Getting everyone into the Christmas spirit, in the pitches Team Typhoon was severely out of step while Team Collaborative made outrageous promises to try and win orders.

The Apprentice 2018 results

It was then back to the boardroom for the final results rundown.

Team Typhoon made total orders of 750


Team Collaborative received total orders of 7,000.

With only three candidates on each team, the losers all automatically returned to the boardroom in a showdown with Lord Sugar.

There, it was Sarah Ann Magson who found herself the latest to be fired.


Her exit has left Sabrina Stocker, Sian Gabbido, Khadija Kalifa, Daniel Elahi, and Camilla Ainsworth as the final five going forward to the interview stages.

The Apprentice 2018 continues next Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One.

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