The £100k Drop superfan suffers early exit as he crashes out on FIRST question

Simon deduced correct answer - but pal Maggie's guess cost them their game

A superfan of The £100k Drop had an embarrassing result on the gameshow today, crashing out on his FIRST question – despite deducing the correct answer.


The Channel 4 quiz is a revival of The Million Pound Drop, airing in a daytime slot with a reduced jackpot.

It sees pairs of contestants given £100,000 in real cash, which they must gamble on seven questions by placing it on trapdoors representing possible answers.

Today’s episode began with best friends Simon and Maggie – and the former was thrilled to be playing, because he’s a huge fan of the show.

“I’ve watched every single episode, and when it was The Million Pound Drop, I went to see it three times in London,” he said.

The £100k Drop players crash out on question one

“I’ve watched your behind-the-scenes stuff, and all the clips on YouTube, so fingers crossed.”


Explaining why he teamed up with Maggie, he said: “I talk too much, Maggie’s a lot calmer.”

Maggie added: “We’ve got a really good rapport, we get on really well.”

Presenter Davina McCall wished them luck, joking: “I feel like an idiot explaining the rules!”

For their first round, the duo chose to play the ‘Cooking’ category, since Maggie’s “quite good at cooking”.

The £100k Drop players crash out on question one

Their question was: “The name of which pasta sauce derives from an Italian phrase literally meaning ‘in sailor’s style’?”

Maggie’s first guess was ‘Carbonara’, because “it’s the sea” – but Simon spotted a possible link between sailors and ‘Marinara’.


“Marina sounds sort of fishy, doesn’t it?” he suggested.

“No, that’s too fishy,” insisted Maggie.

By the time their 60-second countdown had expired, the pair had placed £72,500 on ‘Carbonara’.

After the other £27,500 disappeared on their back-up answer, ‘Puttanesca’, Davina reminded them about Simon’s hunch.

“Marinara, you did say it sounds like something marine,” she pointed out.

He then found out his logic was spot on when the £72,500 disappeared down the Drop – ending their game after just one question.

“Oh well. It sounded fishy, didn’t it? We tried,” reacted Simon.


Davina, meanwhile, held her head in her hands.

“I’m literally sinking in to a deep depression right now, I can’t believe our superfan is out on the first question,” she said.

“Marinara is typically a tomato sauce that was served on board ships. I guess you were right, that kind of sailor-y feel.”

Simon and Maggie are the second pair of the series to go home empty-handed after a single question.


The biggest winners so far are Jake and Jools, who took home £30,000 in episode five.

The £100k Drop airs every weekday at 4.00pm on Channel 4, and 7.00pm on 4seven.