Tattoo Fixers reveals a brand-new line up for new series

Tattoo Fixers has announced a brand-new line up for a new series in the summer.

Brothers Pash and Uzzi will join tattoo artists Sketch, Alice, and receptionist Paisley, as they tackle and transform the country’s most shocking, outrageous and embarrassing tattoos.

Pash, 30 and Uzzi 27 from Plymouth have been tattooing for 13 and six years respectively and specialise in realism. So far, their careers have taken them from London, to Mozambique and now back to Plymouth where they have their own studio – White Room Tattoo which has been open for 18 months.

Pash Canby said: “Cover ups are almost always a challenge, and I’m not sure if I’m prepared for some of the disasters to come!

“However I’m totally excited to help people get over their tattoo nightmares, I’m also looking forward to meeting the clients behind these crazy decisions and being a part of something that showcases what I’m passionate about.”

Uzzi Canby added: “Joining the Tattoo Fixers team is awesome! Of course there will be challenges, but I’m looking forward to taking them on and applying my art and tattoo skills into covering up some of the nations most embarrassing and shocking tattoos! And hopefully helping to heal some mental scars for our clients along the way.”

Pash and Uzzi are the latest Tattoo Artists to join the hugely successful E4 series, following Jay and Glen’s decision to leave to pursue other opportunities.

Dom Bird, Head of Formats for Channel 4 said: “E4 is delighted to welcome the enormously talented Canby brothers to the Tattoo Fixers team.

“There is certainly no shortage of terrible tattoos which desperately require Pash and Uzzi’s help and its no exaggeration to say the new series sees the team covering up some of the most jaw dropping and shocking tattoos we’ve ever seen.”

He added: “We would like to thank Glen and Jay for their contribution to this smash hit show”.

Tim Harcourt, Creative Director, Studio Lambert added: “Both Jay and Glen are fantastic artists and we wish them all the very best in their future careers.”

He continued: “Pash and Uzzi are exciting new additions to the Fixers team with the ability to transform bigger and even naughtier tattoos. They bring plenty of charm, attitude and skill, and I look forward to them getting stuck in.”

Tattoo Fixers airs on E4.