Taskmaster series 5 cast: Meet the comic contestants taking part

Taskmaster celebrities on Season 5 cast

Taskmaster series 5 continues on Dave tonight: Find out the celebrity comedians on the cast here!

Greg Davies, the all-powerful Taskmaster, returns to Dave tonight – Wednesday 18 October at 9PM – to set a multitude of bewildering new assignments with the capacity to inspire both rank incompetence and utter genius from the five comics fighting for his love and admiration.

As always, statistical beaver and general dogsbody Alex Horne will be at Greg’s side, tail wagging happily, always eager to provide any assistance his overlord requires to aid the delivering of his ruthless judgements.

The comedians on the cast of contestants for 2017’s Season 5 of Taskmaster include Aisling Bea and Bob Mortimer.

They’re joined by Mark Watson, Nish Kumar and Sally Phillips.

The quintet all harbour the same dream of lifting the premier prize in television, sport, or indeed, any field at all: Greg’s decapitated head on a spiked plinth.

Seals will be broken, tasks will be read and unpredictable actions will then occur as the five comedians grapple with problems involving cuddles, candles and coconuts.

Could you paint a rainbow in total darkness? Create a watercooler moment using a watercooler? Make Marmite? Yes? No? These fearless competitors both can and can’t too.

And this series’ winner is playing for a special prize: They’ll go forward to compete in the Taskmaster Champion of Champions later this year.

The new two part special will air on Dave and welcomes back past series champions: Josh Widdicombe, Katherine Ryan, Noel Fielding and Rob Beckett.

They’ll compete alongside the latest winner with Taskmaster Greg Davies and loyal assistant Alex Horne putting the series victors through their paces.

The five winners will face a collection of confounding new assignments in the fight to become the ultimate Taskmaster champion.

Taskmaster Series 5 airs Wednesday nights at 9PM on Dave.

Taskmaster Champion of Champions will air later on in 2017.

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