Taskmaster 2022 New Year special line up of celebrities revealed

Taskmaster New Year's Day 2022 line up, date and time

Taskmaster has unveiled the line up for its 2022 New Year special tonight on Channel 4.

Fresh from the end of its recent series, the show will return for a one-off special episode this evening.

Airing New Year’s Day on Channel 4 at 9PM, the one-off show will see five celebrities compete in classic Taskmaster challenges for a chance to win the most ridiculous game show on television.

Taskmaster New Year special line up revealed!

Adrian Chiles

Taskmaster New Year Treat - Adrian Chiles
Taskmaster New Year Treat – Adrian Chiles

Broadcaster and journalist.

Adrian says: “I watch very little telly, but I’ve seen bits of it, and I know people who are into it. I’ve always liked Greg and Alex – I used to work with Alex’s wife, who’s a delight as well. It’s blameless fun, really. There’s not much of that around anymore. Everything’s got an edge, everything’s got a side. This is just a funny, feel-good thing.”


Claudia Winkleman

Taskmaster New Year Treat - Claudia Winkleman
Taskmaster New Year Treat – Claudia Winkleman

Television and radio presenter.

Claudia says: “Vicky Coren [Victoria Coren Mitchell], who is my eldest best friend, did it, and she said, “Claud, you will laugh your head off.” I was like, “Fine, I’m in.” We’re both the same, like we weren’t in it to win it. I thought she was brilliant in her series. We’re oldest, oldest friends.”


Jonnie Peacock

Taskmaster New Year Treat - Jonnie Peacock
Taskmaster New Year Treat – Jonnie Peacock

Double Paralympic, World & European 100M.

Jonnie says: “I’d watched the show many times, it’s always a good laugh. When my agent mentioned it to me I was like, “Absolutely! It looks like so much fun.” It was a long day, but a great day. So much fun. You’ve just got to try and think outside the box. Sometimes you need to think inside the box, actually, but apparently I don’t have thought process there at all.”


Lady Leshurr

Taskmaster New Year Treat - Lady Leshurr
Taskmaster New Year Treat – Lady Leshurr

Rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and TV personality.

Lady Leshurr says: “I’ve always wanted to meet Greg because he’s really tall. I’m only 5ft tall, so I’ve got this little section in my phone where I meet really tall people and take a picture with them. I love his energy, he’s hilarious. For me as a rapper as well, I watch a lot of comedians.

“That resonates with my personality and how I express myself through lyrics. He’s one of those people as well. He doesn’t know it, but he can potentially be a rapper. I thought the show was so hilarious, but when I got there I couldn’t believe what I had got myself into.”


Baroness Sayeeda Warsi

Taskmaster New Year Treat - Sayeeda Warsi
Taskmaster New Year Treat – Sayeeda Warsi

Lawyer, businesswoman, campaigner and Ex Cabinet Minister.

Baroness Sayeeda says: “I suppose for me, Covid and turning 50 were big moments. You try so hard in public life to never put a foot wrong, never say anything wrong, and always try and be the sensible one.

“Then I turned 50, and we just went through the last 18 months with the pandemic, and I started thinking, “Life’s too short. I’ve got to learn to be me, live a little and relax a little bit.” You’re getting a much truer version of me now. I’m not sure that it’s always going to go down well, but it makes me feel a lot better.”


A teaser shares: “Feeling in a particularly festive mood, the almighty Taskmaster Greg Davies has once again gathered five famous faces from radically different specialities for another standalone special on Channel 4 with ‘Taskmaster’s New Year Treat’.

“Set to air over the festive season, the formidable Taskmaster will put these celebrity guests through their paces in a series of ludicrous challenges supervised by his devoted sidekick, assistant, and stats keeper Little Alex Horne.”

The special will air New Year’s Day (Saturday, 1 January 2022) at 9PM on Channel 4 and online via All 4.

Following the special, Taskmaster will return later in 2022 with series 13.

The line up for the next series of Taskmaster was previously announced, featuring stand-up, actor, and author Ardal O’Hanlon, comedian Bridget Christie, and actress and podcaster Sophie Duker.

They’ll be joined by comedians, TV hosts and former Strictly Come Dancing stars Chris Ramsey and Judi Love.