Taskmaster 2021 cast line up and episodes from series 11 on Channel 4

Who's on Taskmaster series 11? Cast line up of celebrities

Series 11 of Taskmaster has arrived on Channel 4 for 2021 – here’s all you need to know.


Greg Davies will be back perched on his regal throne with Little Alex Horne once again diligently taking notes to determine who will be the next Taskmaster champion.

A brand new line up of five celebrities will take on the challenge but who will take home the title?

Watch Taskmaster 2021 on TV and online

Series 11 of Taskmaster started on Thursday, 18 March at 9PM.

Episodes will air weekly on TV and online via the All 4 player.

As well as the new series, the first nine series of Taskmaster are also available to stream or download for free for UK viewers.

Taskmaster 2021 cast

A quintet of quivering comics sit in awe and fear, wondering if their resourcefulness, dexterity and creativity will be enough to impress the formidable Taskmaster.


Series 11 will see actor Charlotte Ritchie (Ghosts, BBC One), acclaimed stand-up Jamali Maddix (Hate Thy Neighbour, Vice), BAFTA-winning comic Lee Mack (Not Going Out, BBC One), actor, writer, and comedian Mike Wozniak (Man Down, Channel 4), and BAFTA-nominated actor and comedian Sarah Kendall (Frayed, Sky One) take par.t

They’ll battle it out in a series of stupefying tasks testing their ingenuity, and weeding out their stupidity.

Taskmaster 2021 episodes

Episode 1 – 18 March
In this first episode, we meet our merry band of comics, and Alex records the key details as pests are controlled and plates are delivered.

Episode 2 – 25 March
In the second episode, there’s discord between the contestants as rows erupt over facial hair and Jamali Maddix’s driving skills. The Taskmaster is likely pleased that his usual divide-and-conquer tactics are paying early dividends, as he watches Mike Wozniak vaulting a high fence, Sarah Kendall wearing shoes on her knees, Charlotte Ritchie grappling with static electricity, and Lee Mack struggling to see a balloon and a ghost.

Episode 3 – 1 April
In the third episode, Lee attempts an audacious hammer throw, Sarah makes sitting down memorable, and Jamali forgets his passport.

Episode 4 – 8 April
Charlotte Ritchie climbs a ladder with some loo roll, Mike Wozniak tries out a new catchphrase, and Lee Mack terrifies an innocent member of the public. Meanwhile, Alex Horne has greased a lot of bottles this week

Episode 5 – 15 April
In the fifth episode, Lee Mack raises serious questions around the use of cling film, Charlotte Ritchie anoints an insect, and Jamali Maddix nearly chokes on a many-sided dessert.


Episode 6 – 22 April
In the sixth episode, Jamali Maddix decorates the caravan, Sarah Kendall is appalled by a kiwi fruit and, under severe pressure, Mike Wozniak delivers a revelation so visceral that it leaves everyone in a state of horrified delirium.

Episode 7 – 29 April
In the seventh episode, there are fires and alarms – though not at the same time. Little Alex Horne is forced to sup cold soup, Lee Mack attacks a toy vole, and Sarah Kendall invents a sweet dressing for an unusual salad. Meanwhile, Charlotte Ritchie provides surprising sound effects for a set of Russian dolls.

Episode 8 – 6 May
As the final draws closer, the contestants are hoping beyond hope to score points by creatively munching on snacks (Charlotte Ritchie), drawing pretty wings (Jamali Maddix) and being brutally honest about emergency plane landings (Lee Mack). Little Alex Horne watches it all unfold and makes neat notes for his Taskmaster Daddy.

Episode 9 – 13 May
In the semi final of sorts, all five comic contestants still harbour hopes of winning Greg’s splendid gilded head, even if those hopes range from ‘high’ (in the case of Sarah Kendall) to ‘forlorn’ (Charlotte Ritchie). Meanwhile, Lee Mack has a makeover, Jamali Maddix gets destructive with some rubble, and Mike Wozniak warns Alex about some potentially dangerous dairy produce.

Episode 10 – 20 May – FINAL
The most coveted prize in television – Greg Davies’ golden head nestled on a spike – awaits one weary but jubilant competitor. For the other four, well, just a dark abyss where their careers used to be. In the last batch of tasks, Charlotte Ritchie stumbles into some sand, Lee Mack dunks Little Alex Horne, and Sarah Kendall stacks fish fingers. Meanwhile, Jamali Maddix staggers around a bit, and Mike Wozniak staggers absolutely everyone – again.


Meanwhile alongside series 11, Taskmaster Champion of Champions will be back with a new special in 2021.


Fresh from the Taskmaster series 10 final, a new Champion Of Champions show has been confirmed with victor of series 10, Richard Herring, joinomg fellow champs Liza Tarbuck, Kerry Godliman, Lou Sanders, and Ed Gamble.

An air date for the Champions special is to be announced.