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Tamera Foster drops epic debut single six years on from The X Factor

Tamera Foster has dropped her debut single – six years after first rising to fame on The X Factor.


Tamera was a stand out on the 2013 series of the show, finishing in fifth place.

Now she’s back with a brilliant debut single, Romeo.

Premiering the single with Wonderland magazine, Tamera said: “I’m so happy to share this song as it means a lot to me. Whilst writing ‘Romeo’ I realised a lot about what sort of relationships I want in my life. Ride or die!

“The concept for the video came from the lyrics ‘Now I know how far I’d go for you.’ I’d go to the ends of the earth for someone who can nurture my soul as well as my heart.”

You can watch the official video for Tamera’s single above and download or stream the track here.

In a post on Instagram, Tamera said of working on her new music: “The last six years I’ve been working on music have been a series of incredible learning experiences with so many ups and downs. I had to gain alot of perspective before i could write songs I felt were a genuine expression of what i was going through.

“I know i still have so much to learn and i cannot wait to for the next beautiful life lessons the universe has in store for me. But for right now i have a few singles lined up that will spill some tea, and mines herbal ?”


She added: “A huge thank you and I love you to everyone that put their love time and energy into helping me make and put out these next few singles.

“And a huge thanks to everyone thats been supporting me over the years and to the ones who have recently started following my journey. I hope y’all love it as much as I do xoxox”

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