Tallia Storm spills on The Real Housewives of Jersey rumours


Tallia Storm has spilled all on rumours her family are to join The Real Housewives of Jersey.

ITV previously confirmed the new franchise based on the Channel Island of Jersey after the success of The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Filming started earlier this year with plans for the show to start in 2020 (subject to lockdowns).

Although casting is to be confirmed, it’s been reported that singer Tallia Storm and her family will appear in the show.

Speaking on FUBAR Radio to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas, Tallia said of the rumours: “So, I cannot confirm that I am on this. I cannot confirm, I cannot deny, I cannot say nothing otherwise my head will be sliced off on this Zoom call!”

Speaking of her love for the other Housewives shows, she revealed: “I am a massive fan of Housewives full stop and I think all of the American franchises, I’m all about them.

“I was on Hay-U every night during lockdown getting into it. We all love a bit of Housewives. I love the drama, I’m just obsessed with these women having no filter!”

If the rumours are true, the 22-year-old singer would appear alongside her film producer mum Tessa Hartmann, 50, director dad Sascha Hartmann, 40, and her three siblings, older sister Tessie and younger brothers Johnnie, 15, and Zac, 13.

Speaking of how her family would work on the show that is known for its arguments and constant entertainment, Tallia admitted: “I think that could be a nice fit for my very chaotic family.”

The singer continued to stay tight lipped, adding: “Should these things happen, should they not, we’ll just have to wait for what happens next year!”

Meanwhile, the Celebrity Karaoke Club star shared her new single Kinda Savage, Kinda Sweet, which refers to her being a strong, confident young lady.

Tallia admitted that this can cause issues when it comes to love, something which she experienced a lot of during the first lockdown: “The first round of lockdown was a weird one because my DMs were flooded! I have never had so many hot guys in my DMs.

“I’m like, where have you all been hiding? Then we come out of lockdown and I’m like, where are you all? Why are you not taking me on a date? Where’ve you gone now? You know all talk no action!”

She shared her concerns that she was just seen as ‘a lockdown buddy’, adding: “Is this what this is? Do you guys just want me for my lockdown companionship? So I am very, very, very not so successful in that level!”