Tallia Storm spills on Celebrity Karaoke Club and those Real Housewives of Jersey rumours

Tallia Storm has promised there’s “a lot to look forward to” on ITV2’s Celebrity Karaoke Club.

The upcoming six-part series will see celebrities unleash their vocals as they head into a karaoke bar with the hopes of winning a truly unique music competition.

Tallia is one of the celebrities on the line up and the singer-songwriter spoke about filming the series during an appearance on Wakey!, the app-based breakfast TV show.

She told presenter Chris Taylor from Love Island: “I did Celebrity Karaoke Club which is a laugh a minute but I really don’t remember much as they drowned us in tequila which was quite spectacular.

“Let’s just say there is a lot to look forward to!”

Tallia went on to take part in the Wakey! Quick Fire Quiz in which she ranked Strictly Come Dancing above X Factor, despite auditioning for the singing show last year.

Tallia was also quizzed on rumours she is going to appear on new reality series The Real Housewives of Jersey?

“Watch your TV screens and wait and find out!” Tallia teased.

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