Survival Of The Fittest’s Mariam Musa and Warren Phillips spend the night in the look out

Mariam Musa and Warren Phillips get VERY close in tonight’s Survival Of The Fittest.


The pair decide to spend the night together in the Look Out.

As they get ready for bed, Mariam is checking for bugs. “It’s like checking for the Bogey Man! This is not my home environment” she jokes.

The couple get cosy as they spend the night together under the stars. They are awoken by the sound of Lions roaring in the distance…

In the Tree House the next day, Mariam talks about her night with Warren: “It was really, really hard to resist… Literally hard to resist! We kept it PG 13 slash 15.

“We cuddled, we talked, we kissed, cuddled, talked, kissed some more. He is really, really sexy.”

In the Tree House, Warren says: “I felt more chilled waking up today than I have any other day. Out the way of everybody, just me and Maz, it was chilled, relaxed and I would like tomorrow morning to be the same.”


Once the pair reunite with the rest of The Lodge, James is teasing Warren.

“As long as your head is in the game today, bro. You’re spending a lot of time with Maz. I’m just saying! We need the OGs to be like a rock!”

“Me and Callum are cool now. It’s cool. I need the final,” Warren says.

“I’d love to be there with you, man. It would mean so much to me,” James replies. Then he tells Warren: “I think you’re smitten, man.”


Meanwhile, the Girls quiz Mariam on what happened with her and Warren the previous night: “We came up, we had a good little chat about life, about challenges, we were a little bit silly, we kissed loads, and we spooned,” she admits.

Survival of the Fittest continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2